fire cleaning

In the event of a catastrophe such as a fire in a home, a business or a large area, even if it seems difficult, it is important to remain calm and go to fire cleaning specialists.

How do you clean a fire?

Fire cleaning services require a specific procedure to preserve the safety of those affected, as well as the personnel in charge of cleaning.

In order to carry out the cleaning properly, it is necessary to do a little analysis of the situation and follow some steps.

1. Search and remove personal items

Before starting with the cleaning, it is necessary to carry out a search for the most valuable objects of the client, mainly objects of sentimental value. Once located, their status will be checked and, if it is possible to recover them, they will be removed with the utmost care.

2. Eliminate the smell

One of the most important aspects in fire cleaning is to eliminate the intense smell of burning that remains inside the property. For this, it is necessary to carry out a deep deodorization, which is only possible with products specially manufactured for special cleaning.

3. Remove soot and debris from the fire

Removing the debris from a fire is a complicated and dangerous task. Both soot and gases resulting from combustion can be very toxic and harmful to the body. Therefore, in all cases, specialized professionals who have the appropriate equipment must carry out this cleaning.

4. Remove debris

When the residues of the fire are completely eliminated, we must proceed with the removal of burned objects and debris that will be found everywhere. It is important to be careful with potentially dangerous objects, such as beams, pillars, or partitions that can topple over with movement.

5. Clean thoroughly

Once the areas affected by the fire have been completely emptied, special cleanings should be applied to the entire property. Each room must be disinfected and sanitized with special chemicals for this type of work, which should only be applied by specialized professionals.

Tips for not worsening the situation after the fire

Some tasks carried out during fire cleaning can be dangerous to health, such as inhaling ash or toxic gases. For this reason, it is important to leave this hard work to competent specialists. What are the best tips in this area?

1. Don’t turn on the light

Any contact with the electrical panel must be avoided. It is very important not to connect any appliance or any point of light, such as switches or sockets.

2. Do not touch any appliance

You have to stay away from any appliance or device that is plugged into the power until you are sure that there is no risk. Both televisions, refrigerators or dishwashers and the mobile phone charger can cause a short circuit or very dangerous electric shock.

3. Do not move any object

Care must be taken when entering a burned-out building, as any small movement or blow can cause debris and fire debris to release.

4. Do not clean anything

Attempting to clean burned debris from a building without the proper equipment can be very dangerous, but in addition, cleaning or moistening absorbent surfaces with flammable products could rekindle the flames, even if the fire seems already extinguished.

5. Avoid using any object that has resisted fire

Although some objects have not been damaged in the fire, it is not recommended to use them or to consume products that have been exposed to such high temperatures.

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By Anurag Rathod

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