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How to backup email from Thunderbird into Outlook? The query is faced by millions of Thunderbird users and it is yet unsolved. In this article, we try to solve this particular file migration issue. Here we explain different available methods useful for migrating complete Thunderbird profile in Outlook. Stick with the blog till end to know all the required details.

Why Users Want to Backup Thunderbird Emails in Outlook?

Nowadays organization rely on email clients to communicate with clients especially overseas clients. Thunderbird and Outlook both are widely used email platforms. However being an email platform of one of the trusted brand Microsoft, Outlook is preferred by most of the small and big organization.

The statement especially applies to companies using Microsoft based technologies for their work. MS Outlook is not just email clients used for sending or receiving emails but it is a personal information manager that includes Task Manger, Contact Manager, Calendar, Journal Logging, Note Making, and many other things.

It is not possible to open Thunderbird email directly in Outlook as both the email platforms support different file extension. So users who used to store data in Thunderbird and now want to move data to Outlook facing problem.

Drag and Drop Method to Take Backup of Thunderbird Emails in Outlook

Follow below mentioned steps to know how to take backup of Thunderbird files in Outlook:

Step 1: First you have to create new folder at any location in your PC by following these steps>>

Right Click on Mouse>> New>> Folder>> Rename.

Step 2: Run Mozilla Thunderbird email application.

Step 3: Open folder in which all your mails are saved. Select required emails or press Ctrl+A for selection of all emails present in that folder.

Step 4: Drag all these selected files to the newly created folder and drop them.

Step 5: Next run Microsoft Outlook email client in your system.

Step 6: Create a new folder and leave it open.

Step 7: Go to the folder in which you saved the Thunderbird email files. Again drag the Thunderbird files to the new folder you created in MS Outlook. 

The method is useful for backing up Thunderbird files to Outlook in the form of EML files. However you can’t preview the backed up data in Outlook. To check preview of Thunderbird files you need to convert the files EML to PST file format first. 

Backup Thunderbird Files in Outlook via IMAP

Step 1: First login to your Gmail account.

Step 2: In the upper left corner, Setting option is available. Click on Setting option.

Step 3: Now select Forwarding POP/IMAP and Enable IMAP Server.

Step 4: Click on Save Changes.

Step 5: Run Mozilla Thunderbird application.

Step 6: Move your cursor to the menu bar, hit File tab and follow these steps>> New>> Existing Mail Account.

Step 7: Now a New Setup Wizard open, here you have to fill all the required details such as Name, Email Address and Password. Click on Continue to proceed.

Step 8: Thunderbird start fetching the email account you entered. Click on Done to end the procedure.

After following all these steps, your account is successfully configured with Gmail account. Now create a new folder in Gmail and export all the required Thunderbird files in Gmail account. Check whether all the files are saved in Gmail or not. After that configure the Gmail ID in Outlook and download all the data from Gmail.  

The above mentioned method is useful for taking backup of Thunderbird files in Outlook but it required proper technical knowledge. Because it is a manual approach, it is not guaranteed that all your data will be saved in Outlook properly. It completely depends upon your knowledge and how you are following steps. Jump to the next section to know perfect solution to solve how to backup email from Thunderbird to Outlook

Direct Solution to Save Thunderbird Emails in Outlook

If you are not looking for manual approaches or want to minimize man hours and efforts then this section is all you need to read. Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is a third party utility trusted by experts for transfer of Thunderbird files to Outlook. The software support to save complete data including emails, contact, calendar and attachments.

The file conversion program is designed by experienced developers after evaluating market demand and requirements of users. It is programmed with all the necessary function useful for taking backup of Thunderbird profile in Outlook.

Using this file migration program, one can move all the Thunderbird data to Outlook in just one time processing. In single processing, you can export multiple files and folder from Thunderbird account to Outlook. The resultant PST file is in UNICODE format which is accessible on all the Outlook editions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.

The software provides previews of all the selected data before starting the conversion to eliminate unnecessary migration. You can also use filters for selective Thunderbird profile backup in Outlook. While converting Thunderbird files to PST file format, the tool keeps mail properties intact.

It also make sure that the Thunderbird files/folders are in original hierarchy. Thunderbird and Outlook installation is not a necessary condition for moving Thunderbird files to PST. The Thunderbird to Outlook Converter tool is ideal for all type of users i.e. Technical and non-technical.

Additional Note: If you have any doubt regarding the third party program and want to try the software first then don’t worry CubexSoft Thunderbird Converter provides demo facility. The demo version provides complete overview of software working with some limitation. You can easily check performance of the program using the trial edition and make decision accordingly. With demo, you are allowed to backup upto 20 Thunderbird files to Outlook for free of any cost and charges.


Many old Thunderbird users are facing issue in backing up old Thunderbird data in Outlook. In this blog, we try to solve this particular issue and provides 3 different ways to understand how to backup email from Thunderbird into Outlook. We are hoping that the blog post is helpful in solving your Thunderbird file migration issue.

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