What everybody ought to know about hosting

Web hosting is an integral part of any software company. There are different hosting services there for the web. Navicosoft offers the best services to its clients. We provide services for our clients that according to their needs and demands. There is six top of the requirements significant hosting types as follows:

Shared Web hosting

Shared web hosting is among the different hosting service types; it is perfect for entry-level website hosting needs and demands. In this, a website is stored on the same server as where multiple other websites are. In this all resources are shared websites, this is why the cost of the shared hosting plans is relatively low, and also these features make it a good option to someone who is in right the early stages of developing a website for its clients. It is the best economic option for a person. Navicosoft suggests this plan to the users that do not have a lot of technical skills. If specialized knowledge isn’t your forte, then this is the best plan for you. Issues like maintaining and security for your website is handled by your hosting provider, which means you don’t need to worry about the management tasks. 

Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) hosting services

Among different web hosting service types, another important one is VPS hosting. It provides a middle ground between the other web hosting types like shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is one of the best situations for those websites whose owners need more control but doesn’t need a dedicated server. VPS web hosting services provided by Navicosoft provides server management and security updates. It also involves updating email, database settings, and domain settings. It helps you to get started faster. We also make sure to secure your data. Managed VPS hosting is the best practical choice for many customers. 

Dedicated Web hosting

Dedicated web hosting gives its owners the most amount of control over the server to its clients. It tells that the website owner can have the most control over the website server, where the website is stored on. It can give you the full root and admin access. This can let you control everything from security to the operating system as well on which you are running that. We provide the best-dedicated servers with the least cost for an incredible web hosting experience for you. If a customer is expecting that they’ll be having a high amount of traffic, then a dedicated server can be your best friend for that. It lets you handle the traffic in the best possible way. It can affect your search performance as well. It can reduce security risks for you. It makes your site to be the only one using the server. Regarding the preventive control, you are in the absolute position to implement stronger security measures to meet your unique specifications. This also helps to reduce the potential of an attack for your website. 

Navicosoft advise dedicating web hosting for people who wants to control the website as a whole on their own. Dedicated hosting can be the ideal plan for you if, you have the technical know-how or resources, then you can effectively use the dedicated web hosting program. It can provide the best maximum flexibility. It can also give a sizable budget. It can work well with you if you have technical skills too. 

Cloud hosting

The Cloud hosting is latest type of web hosting. Many computers are working together and running applications, using combined computing resources. It provides the best web hosting solution that can work via forming a network and enabling the companies to consume the resources for it in the manner. 

Managed web hosting

Managed web hosting is the type of web hosting that effectively provides its users day-to-day management of the operating systems. It also provides full control of the hardware and its standardized applications


Instead of keeping the servers in house or at any other private data centers. You can choose to always re-locate your equipment by utilizing your space for renting and in a colocation center. 

Deciding what’s right for you? | Making the final decision

The choice of web hosting you need to make will depend absolutely on your requirements. You need to choose between the plans and services, for that you can always consult with our team and we will provide you with the best help possible because, for us, the satisfaction of our customers is an utmost priority!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.