ethical spying

With the word spying, you must be thinking about the action and thrill attached to it. Big countries always try to hunt foreign spies involved in illegal activities including theft and espionage. So, the bigger question is, can spies be ethical?

The concept of ethical hacking somehow does not allow anyone to harm their opponent. So, here is the fun; it’s completely legal. You do not need binoculars and other sophisticated spy equipment to keep watch on your opponent. Rather, some basic computer skills are enough. If you know exactly what to look for and know about your competitor well, then you might be in business.

The fierce market competition forced businesses to adopt some countermeasures. Businesses in highly competitive environments continuously try to find their way through their competitor’s weaknesses and strengths. As a result, an early advantage is key to victory over someone’s business operations.

What is ethical corporate espionage?

The question of morality and ethics is very important. Number of businesses use unethical practices that usually involve theft and bribery. They always end up harming someone. Ethical corporate espionage involves gathering business intelligence to make decisions with market situational awareness.

Ethical espionage for digital marketing

In the world of digital marketing, keeping an eye on another business strategy and content gives you more insight on your performance. Keeping watch on other business’s performance graphs, tools they rely on and strategy models will force you to employ new maneuvers. Google provides you with multiple such kinds of tools. A more famous tool Ubersuggest will give you the keywords that your competitors are using.

Do not use unethical ways 

The example of one of the biggest industrial espionage was the 2001 scandal of Unilever. Proctor and Gamble and Unilever do not need introduction in a competitive market. The whole saga was started when proctor and Gamble hired investigators to know more about Unilever’s hair care products. The investigators went through rubbish bins outside Univliver’s office. The move was not illegal, however unethical to a great extent.

How can you perform ethical espionage

Nowadays, digital marketing trends can be easily tracked with some handy tools. To ethically spy on the target audience of a company’s new product. SEO tools, and traffic monitoring tools tells you exactly about the product and digital market performance of a company.

The corporate competitiveness is increasing

The companies that provide accounting services are facing heat in the form of an aggressive competition from other industries. Finance and insurance firms are capitalizing on the accounting related business opportunities. Big firms are now watching their rivals in other industries who are employing different tools to snatch the big market. Consequently, accounting firms are adopting the change. Some accounting firms in London are even starting to provide services that fall under the domain of lawyers.The post covid era of business will witness a huge gap and companies with proper planning and grip over their competitor’s tactics will race ahead.

By Anurag Rathod

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