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The world that we live in today is driven by ease. Every single day, a new innovation hits the market in order to ensure that our lives are made easier. The Gojek Clone app is one such solution that is aimed at bringing absolute ease and convenience to the users. However, that’s not all. The app also facilitates service providers who would otherwise find it difficult to buy their own app, to piggyback on a giant on demand multi service app. And ensure that they can use its digital prowess to ensure that they can access the potential of a much larger audience.


There are many reasons why the service providers who register with the Gojek Clone app find it so appealing for their business requirements. Let us take a look at them one by one:


If a service provider had to be able to reach out to an audience that used smart phones and depended on the internet for their daily requirements. They would have to end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to create a perfect and functional app that actually works in the market. That certainly doesn’t sound like an affordable option.

With the help of the Gojek Clone app, the service providers can register on the app for free and ensure that they can access the digital user base that are comfortable with using an on demand app such as the Gojek Clone.

This option is definitely a lot more affordable and makes sure that people can use it. The app owner simply expects a small fee in the form of a commission percentage from the service provider each time they use the app for any kind of service.

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One app, multiple sources of revenue

More often than not, people have more experience and expertise than only in one kind of an industry. This app allows the service providers the freedom of growing their earning options by just using one app.

For example, a taxi driver can choose to make parcel deliveries as well and earn from both the services. In case there is a lull in orders for deliveries or no one is hiring taxis, they can also start walking dogs and earn some money.

The potential of this app is infinite and it certainly empowers the users and the service providers to get more mileage out of a single download and a single log in on their phone.


The Gojek Clone app is more than just an on demand application for multiple services. It is the perfect platform that allows users and service providers to get what they want, when they want it, on their terms. While the users and the service providers continue to enjoy the benefits offered by the app. It is also clear that the app owner makes a lot of money by making this platform available.

The app owner does not charge a single penny to the users or the service providers while download and registration. The app owner makes an earning only by receiving a commission on the jobs that are successfully book using the app.

This percentage of commission too is decide by the app owner. This allows them the flexibility of ensuring that they charge different amounts to different professions. For example the app owner might want to charge a dog walker a lot less than he or she would want to charge a doctor.


The Gojek Clone App has gone from begin the next big thing, to the only present thing in the on demand industry. As more and more people have begun migrating towards a single app based solution in order to fulfil their requirements. It is clear that the future of this business is pretty bright.

If you wish to expand or grow your on demand multi service business with the Gojek Clone app. Right now might prove to be the best time to enter the market. Everything about this app guarantees success, however, you must make sure that you only purchase your app from a reliable source.

Market stats indicate that you will do best if you purchase a ready made (ready to launch) Gojek Clone app built by a reputed mobile app development company that has at least 8 to 10 years of developing and launching apps of the on demand nature over the Google Play Store and iOS app store. The company should also be offering white label services.

Using these white label processes, the company will be able to remove their logo and brand name from the app and add your logo and brand name all over it. They should also be able to add other important details to the app without any additional cost such as changing the colour theme of the app to match your logo, adding and integrating your choice of local language and your choice of local currency. They must also offer you the licensed source code of the Gojek Clone app for your domain absolutely free.

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