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Electric Guitar Buying Guide: Things You Need To Know About

Electric Guitar Buying Guide: Things You Need To Know About

When setting out to purchase your first electric guitar, you have to know several things before you enter a world where all confusion can make your head spin. There are the modern electric guitars of all models, makes, & styles which are made up of certain kinds of music, & then there is the price factor.

Why an  electric Guitar?

The electric guitar is a kind of a guitar that uses electronic pickups with the vibration of steel cords, & then produces preferred tonal effects. An electronic guitar is not naturally loud, & is available in several different sizes, shapes, volumes, qualities, designs, & timbres. Electric guitars are used extensively in several popular styles of music, such as contemporary classic, country music, jazz, rock & roll, pop, and much more.

Steps you need to follow while purchasing an electric guitar

Choose what kind of guitar you want – electric & acoustic.

Electric Guitar

Electric guitar is the type of guitar that uses electronic pickups to convert the vibration of its steel-cord strings to electrical current. The electric guitar is used widely in numerous popular styles of music that includes almost all genres of rock & roll, pop music, country music, & also in some classic music.

Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is hollow with a sound hole. The electric acoustic guitar is made up of wood & has six strings that produce the rhythmic, musical, sweet, yet loud sound.The difference between the acoustic-electric guitar & the electric guitar is that normal electric guitar can only be played when it is plugged in, whereas the acoustic-electric guitar does not have to be.

Various features/parts stand out to you

Do you want to purchase an acoustic or electric guitar? It depends on what kind of music you may be playing. If you are planning on rocking out you possibly will want the electric guitar. If you are into folk, bluegrass, country, or classical you will likely be indicating the acoustic. However, you may think about the acoustic as you are the first guitar as they are easy to play & you will want the acoustic no matter what you purchase later on.

Decide your budget for buying guitar

This is also very vital, this is your buying power & it goes the long way in determining what type of guitar you are going to buy. You need to release some good money for the instrument if you are looking for a good purchase, because there is just no point in purchasing something that is not efficient enough & that won’t last the distance.

Try before you buy it

It is another factor that determines which guitar you are finally going to purchase because when you are buying the guitar, you may not purchase the same guitar for fun & for learning as if you were purchasing the instrument for professional reasons. This might also creep into the budget as the reason you are purchasing it would influence how much you are going to spend on it.

From where you can purchase your guitar?

Several stores sell all such guitars online. Some have better prices than others & some have sales now and then. You can even explore free shipping also. You have to find stores that have the best deals among the several sites which sell Yamaha guitars. The top bet is to explore someone who knows about finding discounts, coupons, and savings.

Guitar accessories you can buy.

When you are going to buy a guitar, it is important that you have the knowledge of guitar parts and accessories. If needed you can buy in the starting as well. Here are the various parts or accessories:

1). Case – A case is a must if you travel with it. Choose the case which has foam padding so your electric guitar will be protected during travel. There are a lot of designs available so choose according to your personality.

2). Strings – It is a good idea to purchase a few sets of strings for easy & quick replacement. Choose the set which is designed for electric guitars.

3). Strap – It is hard to rock & roll without the comfortable strap. Purchase one which offers a mix of durability & comfort.

4). Stand – Guitar stand is the accessory that makes sense. It’s like putting your electric guitar on a pedestal. But, its main objective is to provide your guitar with a sturdy and secure place.

5). Capo – You should purchase a capo which you can easily operate. Purchase a spring-tensioned capo from which you can simply put & remove it with one hand.

6). Picks & pouch – If you are serious with your craft, you will need a lot of picks. Buy a pouch for your extra picks so that you would not lose them.

Buying New vs used guitars

The greatest benefit of purchasing a brand new guitar over the used one is that the new guitar has not been used by other guitarists. It allows the guitarist to set their guitar up the exact way they want it. Buying the used guitar can save you quite a bit of money from your initial buying.

Ready to play your new guitar?

Unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars do not usually have hollow & semi-hollow bodies. Thus, if you pluck a string when the guitar is not plugged in, the sound will be hardly audible. The electric guitars work and sound wondrous once plugged in.The sound in electric guitars is created by the magnetic pick-ups, as the string is attached to the magnet in the guitar & controlled by knobs. 

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