Download Attachments from Office 365 to Hard Drive

Want to know how to download attachments from Office 365 to Hard drive? Then, it would be best if you read this blog till the end. This article will guide you to Save Attachments from O365 account to an external hard drive in batch.

Recently we have seen that multiple users are unable to download attachments from Outlook 365. Thus, to solve this error, we have developed an advanced and free solution to accomplish this task without any difficulty.

Now, Let’s focus on how a user can save Microsoft 365 emails to Flash Drive. But before moving towards the solution section, we would like to share some of why these errors occur.

Reasons Why Users Are Unable to Download Attachments from Outlook 365

There are plenty of reasons why users encounter this error while downloading attachments from a Microsoft 365 account. Some of the mistakes we describe are below.

When your Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 or 2016 is installed or updated with Cumulative 17 and 18. After the installation, you may use the Open another mailbox in Outlook Web App to access an additional mailbox (OWA). You’ll get the following error message if you try to preview an attachment from a different mailbox:

  • Something went wrong when creating the document preview. Please come back later and try again.

When you try to download an attachment from that mailbox, you get an empty page. Also, the Outlook Web App does not allow you to download or preview attachments.

The Reason Behind Error Occurrence:

An issue with Office 365 recently caused an HTTP 302 redirect to a static URL due to a feature change. When an additional mailbox is open in OWA and an attachment is selected for downloading or previewing, this occurs.

What Next If You are Unable to Download Attachments from Outlook 365

You can fix this framework by using paid and free solutions. Yet the manual solution requires more technicalities and involves a chance of attachment deletion.

If you are a technical geek, we recommend going with the manual solution. For effortless migration, go with an automated solution that saves Microsoft 365 emails to Flash Drive in safe and secure endeavourment.

Manually Download Attachments from Office 365 to Hard drive

So, let’s assume you receive an email containing numerous attachments. Here’s how you can save all of them from Microsoft 365 to Flash Drive.

  1. Go to your Outlook 365 mailbox and open it.
  2. Around the attachments, you’ll see a “Download All” option (link) to download a zip file containing all of the files. (This ZIP file can be found in the Downloads folder.)
  3. Now go to File and select Save Attachments from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the data items you want to save under Save All Attachments.
  5. To add or remove certain data items, press and hold the Ctrl key for a long time.
  6. To choose several attachments from your list, press and hold the Shift key for a long time.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. To save the files, select the relevant folder >> click OK.

Automated Solution to Save Office 365 emails to Flash Drive

If you don’t want to engage yourself in a lengthy procedure of manual solution, then go with the expert-recommended DataSkorpio Email Attachments Extractor Tool.

This wizard allows you to save and download attachments from Office 365 to Hard Drive in batch and selective mode. In addition, users can easily save Microsoft 365 email attachments directly to a folder without worrying about losing folder structure.

Before purchasing the complete edition, you can try the free demo version of this tool. It allows you to extract ten attachments from files and directories. Once you are satisfied with the demo edition of the wizard, you can go with the full version of the software for good. Now, let’s check out the working of the automated toolkit.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Downloading Office 365 Attachments to a Hard Drive

  1. Select the Open option after downloading and installing the tool on your Windows OS.
  1. Click Add Email Account in the next step, and then Add your O365 account in the following option.
  1. Then, enter your Office 365 account credentials in the following dialogue box.

  1. The software will analyze your account and display everything in the preview panel.

  1. Then, select the Extract button in the top ribbon bar and then Attachments from the drop-down list.

  1. Finally, the Extract Attachment window will appear, and you can choose Save to begin the process of downloading Office 365 attachments.

As soon as you press the save button, the tool begins the procedure to download attachments from Office 356 to Hard Drive. Before the process starts, you can browse the destination, whether it’s the internal hard drive or on an external hard drive.

Why Use Automated Solution to Save Microsoft 365 Emails to Hard Drive?

  • This Email Migration Tool allows you to download/save attachments from Outlook 365 to a specific location automatically.
  • Navigate to the area where you want to store attachments from Office 365 on your hard drive.
  • After downloading Office 365 attachments, the folder will automatically open.
  • You do not need to have Office 365 installed on your computer to complete the process.
  • Extract/Download attachments into numerous file kinds using a stand-alone application.

Author’s Recommendation

This article will go through the easiest way to download attachments from Office 365 to Hard Drive. We have both manual and automated solutions to solve unable to download attachments from Outlook 365. Users can opt for an automated solution to save bulk attachments without worrying.

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