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The Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

Marketing involves establishing a personal connection with customers and leveraging it for sales and other objectives. As modern consumers’ tastes and preferences change, marketing strategies need to reflect the times. 

Influencer marketing is growing astronomically on this premise as brand-led marketing efforts continue to churn little value. Influencers have become crucial to the global marketing space but engaging them needs significant planning and execution.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts of influencer marketing to note if you plan on engaging an influencer for your marketing efforts.

Don’t Compromise on Content Quality and Analytics

Global spending on influencer marketing peaked at $10 billion in 2020. Marketing managers tout it to be the fastest-growing online customer acquisition strategy, and the standards for influencing marketing results are high. 

Therefore, influencers need to prioritize quality assurance in their efforts. Ensuring quality in your influencer marketing efforts can take many forms, including upgrading your content creation gadget. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of advanced gadgets and laptops on sites like to co-manage content distribution and tracking efforts with your influencers.

Becoming data-driven can also be a great way to maintain quality influencer marketing results and you can gather effective insights from your audience. You can then tailor campaigns with these insights for higher impact and return on investments. 

Don’t Focus Only on the Short Term

The core business of influencers is to build a thriving online presence. It’s tempting to follow loose trends to attract an audience. You can try such content ideas out, but it’s crucial not to focus only on the short-term.

Generally, the piecemeal approach to creating content isn’t always sustainable. Influencer marketing, just like all marketing forms, thrives on relationships and it takes time to earn your audience’s trust and even longer for them to be loyal to your brand as an influencer. Also, remember that other influencers compete for similar opportunities and audience attention. 

According to Mediakix, there are about three to over 37 million influencers worldwide and across platforms. This means that getting lost in the lot is a high possibility. Prioritizing relationship-building can be daunting in the early stages of an influencer’s career. However, it’s non-negotiable if your influencer marketing partnership aims to be at the top level for a long while. 

Do Use The Right Influencers

Influencers have different goals depending on their content creation interest and prowess. The greatest mistake you can experience in your influencer marketing efforts is to contract the wrong influencers.

First, audit your brand and assess your marketing needs and audience demands. That way, you can picture which influencer fits the role better. Also, outline all the important factors when choosing the right influencer. Ensuring your influencer’s following aligns with your target audience’s demands can be a great start. You can then choose active profiles with increasingly growing audience statistics rather than sticking with influencers with huge follower numbers. 

Do Let Influencers Have The Freedom

Successful influencers know what followers want. They get this knowledge by consistently trying out new ideas and tweaking them based on their feedback. Therefore, it pays to give them the space to innovate and disrupt. 

Generally, note that 90 percent of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budget because of the ROI guarantee. Therefore, sticking to these and many more influencer marketing best practices is non-negotiable in today’s market.

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