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As we know that WordPress is a popular content management system and content marketers love the business of personal blogs. But the most important question occurs on how to find digital marketing WordPress themes online? It’s not easy because there is a lot of a theme you cannot choose which is the right one. In this scenario, you need to find one responsive WordPress theme to launch for your personal successful blog. Being a content marketer is the success beyond writing good content? One of the best ways to market your content is the attitude towards your work and most importantly blog look plays an important role the design should be responsive not just pretty in the look of product bundles.

It is important to Invest in the professional look of the theme, but if you are just a beginner, you can choose free WordPress themes for the looks. Free WordPress themes are better because you don’t need to have a responsive design for the personal blog many these are cost-free,

There are different free professional themes you can find in digital marketing WordPress themes as follows;


If you want to have a professional-looking theme then sparkling maybe the right choice to have and it’s developed by Bootstrap 3. It has fronted features that enhance the display on smartphones, tablets and other devices. The sparkling theme is unique from others because it has pixel perfect design, full-screen slider, and widgets you will love to have. Basically, sparkling is built to have a premium layout, and it is SEO friendly responsive. You need a WordPress theme that hand control in which you can add, modify and delete any plugin.


 Dazzling is an unparalleled responsive theme, developed by Bootstrap 3 and also has an optional full-screen slider. With this, you can build the first corporate site. It has mint accent colours via this you can have the best side of content marketing. Most importantly, it is unbeatable and helps you to enhance your personal brand. Dazzling WordPress theme has optimized essential plugins and custom widget design all in one SEO pack.

Red captik

it is a professional theme, and it’s also free of charge, it contains modern functionalities that help in structuring homepage sections. Red captik can also be used virtually because it has no limitation.


Travelify is a free WordPress theme, including premium functionalities that enable you to change theme layout. This is mobile responsive you can use it virtually any subject and business objective. Being a content marketer travelify inserts the value in content and also highlights the best work for the readers. It is also pixel perfect design and feature slider with one single click. This theme offers flexibility to alter the layouts until it reaches the objective. The background image can also be customized theme for your personal brand. 


It is developed with the responsiveness of mind. This means it will appear on tablets and smartphones, and technology was used to develop ascent based on CSS3 and HTML5. With ascent, your image can get additional optimization which will help them to stand out for the rest. Being a photographer and marketer ascent can make you enhance user experience. It gives you flexibility with the left and right sidebar.


If you want to create the right content for your customers and nurture your audience with your personal blog, then you need to have a variety of content. For that auberge may be the right one to choose. It is built for a mobile-first concept which makes the mobile 100% responsive. You should consider this theme because it is easy to showcase and also has high resolutions.  


It is a streamlined WordPress theme based on CSS3 and HTML5, it helps to simplify the layout, and single page is used for a variety of information professionally. It is good for business purpose sections can be individualized from the admin panel, depending on the objectives. Onetone lets you have the opportunity to alter and personalizes experience with all the elements. Onetone WordPress theme is also SEO friendly and helps the users to find content and web pages.


Above digital WordPress themes will help you to make your content marketing effective. Doesn’t matter which is the industry you are in as far as your content is there.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.