Digital marketing programs are reshaping the profession. The digital marketing institute in Bangalore covers various topics necessary for surviving in today’s high-tech environment. If you want to improve your employability and make some extra money, enrolling in a digital marketing course that includes a placement could be the ideal choice. Have you considered enhancing your knowledge and abilities? If you’re interested in Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore, check out the institute that offers the most excellent online courses and training with placement.

10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore:

1.  Henry Harvin( Best Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore)

Henry Harvin-4.9/5

            Henry Harvin is one of the top institutes for Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore. The institute provides internationally acclaimed certificates to the students. Thousands of students have benefitted from the courses. Top media partners like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, and The Tribune have appreciated the institute with the best digital marketing course in bangalore. Students get the gold membership after enrolling in digital marketing training in bangalore. The course curriculum includes Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and many more. The duration of Digital marketing course in bangalore contains twelve months of online training sessions. Henry Harvin also provides other courses which help enhance every student’s skills.

2.  IIDE

If you’re looking for the best digital marketing course in bangalore available, go no further than IIDE, the industry-leading provider of online digital marketing courses. Many different courses in digital advertising are available to prospective students at IIDE. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Digital Marketing is popular. The Digital marketing courses in Bangalore offered by IIDE have a suggested duration of 11 months.

3.  Udemy

The global Udemy community provides a wealth of options for digital marketing courses in Bangalore. Udemy has a universally positive reputation as the go-to website for teaching various subjects. Digital marketing classes can be taken in 20 hours on Udemy. It’s not too expensive, at just 699/- for the entire course. Udemy provides certification for its digital marketing training in Bangalore after students have seen the videos.

4.  upGrad

upGrad’s mission has always been to think forward and experiment. With this method, we’ve grown as a business and given our kids a first-rate education. By 2021, UpGrad had become a global education powerhouse, earning the status of “unicorn.” upGrad is known for offering excellent education opportunities, with some of the greatest being digital marketing courses in Bangalore.

5.  Digital Academy 360

 Digital Academy 360 is one of the best options for Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore. For their efforts in education, they have been given medals of honor as the best digital marketing course in bangalore. They have prepared over 30,000 students and have a proven track record of placing those individuals into jobs through their network of over 1,000 recruitment partners. The entire staff at Digital Academy 360 consists of Google AdWords Certified Professionals that are well-versed in digital marketing training in Bangalore.

6.  Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy is a top option for Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore. Institute is the industry standard for offering a wide range of programs and awarding completion certificates to students. The school advises students on how to pivot in their professions and reap maximum benefits from the information age through digital marketing training in bangalore.

7.  Excel R

The course in ExcelR is taught by some of the best teachers in the field. As a result, students will get unique educational opportunities for Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore. The course covers a wide range of topics, and each one includes several practical exercises. Some of their alumni work as digital marketing experts for various companies.

8.  Digital Monk

Course participants in Digital Monk are required to do an intensive internship. You may do anything from building your website to implementing an elaborate digital marketing campaign by studying the Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore for businesses of any size or focus.

9.  Learn Digital Academy

In Bangalore, you’ll find Learn Digital Academy, the only agency-based digital marketing school in India. In addition to its approved digital marketing courses in Bangalore, the Institute of the Year for Digital Education 2020 provides students with hands-on experience through live projects and training. They offer the best digital marketing training in Bangalore.


NMIMS Provides one of the best options for Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore.

It provides options for online learning with the tag of the best Digital marketing institute in bangalore. The best digital marketing course in bangalore comprises online sessions and regular classroom lectures with placement and internship opportunities for the students. Digital marketing training in bangalore allows the students to enhance their skills and choose the course accordingly.

Fees and Scope in Digital Marketing

Students looking to supplement their income might consider enrolling in an online digital marketing course with a placement component. After finishing the Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore, digital marketers have many options for employment. The placement team has suggested the following responsibilities for the Digital Marketer:

  • A Digital Marketing Internship
  • Trainee in Social Media
  • Art Director Copywriter
  •  Search Engine Optimization Expert

The placement team for the best digital marketing course in bangalore assists in connecting candidates with top-tier organizations in light of the rising demand for digital marketers.

Fees in Digital Marketing depend on the institute. Some institute charge as per each course video. Some of the digital marketing training in Bangalore costs around 50k.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore open a new door for students by the following benefits.

  1. Numerous Potential Professions to Choose From

Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the need for digital marketing. An estimate puts the number of Indian internet users at around 460 million, expanding rapidly.

  1.  Skill Transfer between Businesses

Expertise gained by digital workers is portable and can be used by different businesses. The widespread adoption of digital marketing by companies of all sizes means that you may quickly put your newfound knowledge to work for others.

  1.  Intensive, One-Semester Programs

Short-term programs in digital marketing can get you started in your preferred field quickly. Recently, undergraduate programs have begun to offer digital marketing as a concentration.


The information you need about digital marketing courses in Bangalore may be found in the previous blog post. Students should consider enrolling in digital marketing training in Bangalore that offers placement; doing so can help them realize their career goals and expand their horizons. To participate in the digital marketing course, no prior experience is needed. Anyone eager to learn new things and improve their employability is welcome to enroll.


  1. What is the average duration of the Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore?

The Digital marketing institute in bangalore comprises six months of training for the course.

  1. Do the Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore provide the option of online learning?

Yes, the digital marketing institute in bangalore gives the option of online learning to the students.

  1. Do the Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore provide internship opportunities?

Yes, to gain practical experience institute give the option of internship and project facilities.

  1. What are the benefits of Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore?

Digital Marketing Courses help students know the trends in the market. It helps to reach customers globally. Digital Marketing provides a cost-effective technique for business owners to sell their products quickly.

  1. Will I get any course modules for the Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore?

Yes, after enrolling in the course institute provides the LMS portal to read the course module.

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