Application Modernization Services

Are you looking for ways to modernize legacy applications? Application modernization services provide a range of options for transforming your space, from refactoring and re-architecting an existing application to rebuilding it entirely in a new environment. Discover the different paths available to help you bring your app up-to-date.

Before proceeding, first and foremost is to evaluate your current technology solutions.

When looking at options for modernizing your legacy applications, the first step is to evaluate where you are today. Take a look at your current technology solutions, what platforms and frameworks you’re using, and which tools or languages your developers are comfortable with. That way, you can identify any gaps that might need to be addressed as part of your modernization project. The ideal strategy for modernizing legacy applications depends on the issue you’re seeking to resolve.

Want to modernize legacy applications? Explore the various paths you can take to transform your space with application modernization services!

Below given are the different transforming paths for application modernization services

Serverless Computing

Strategy that prioritizes the adoption of serverless services.  

Going serverless can assist your business in offloading more operational tasks to the cloud, allowing you to stop worrying about and relying on your own on-premise servers. This can improve your company’s agility throughout your application stack. Serverless has a variety of beneficial uses, including the creation of new applications and the modernization of older ones. It can also be used when transitioning from legacy data warehousing to an AWS cloud-native data lake.

Using serverless computing organization can focus on their applications rather than managing and operating servers.

When your company has to run resource-intensive applications, like an image-processing pipeline, serverless computing is a more practical option. Additionally, serverless technology shines in situations where traffic patterns vary drastically or unexpectedly because it can instantaneously detect load changes, adapt, and scale to meet demand.

Developers can concentrate on their apps rather than the details of managing and running servers or runtimes by creating serverless architectures.

Benefits Of Serverless Computing

Increased availability

Effortless scaling

Dedicated focus on functionality, not maintenance


Containerization is a software deployment process in which developers can package and deploy your application code, configurations, and dependencies (such monitoring or security frameworks) into a single object.

Companies that require the flexibility to install and utilize software with precise version constraints are better suited for containers. Through containerization it is possible for apps to be moved quickly between host servers, which is very helpful for transferring legacy applications to the cloud.

Benefits Of Containerization

Increased portability

Consistent operations

Enhanced developer productivity

Cloud-native re-platforming

Replatforming is an application migration strategy for upgrading an application from its existing legacy platform to a more modern cloud platform. It is a popular strategy for company modernization. Some businesses will even consider replacing pricey licensed alternatives with open-source database engines. The purpose of re-platforming database workloads is to release the organization from ongoing maintenance of the database. It improves security, performance, and maintainability.

Benefits Of Cloud-native re-platforming

Added cloud-native functionality

Increased availability

Lower cost

After you decide to go for Application Modernization Services, always make sure to take help of the expert. They will guide you through the process and make it easy for you to handle the things for future making sure to deliver the best results. There are many companies out there providing these services but a very few who keep their promise and deliver the result as per the expectations of the client. So do a proper research before going for it and choose the best. Going for application modernization services with experts will never make you regret.

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