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You can travel all over the world for peace and comfort but one place you truly find it is your home. The one thing that makes it different from other places is the familiarity and comfort. The one thing that makes it much more cozy and beautiful is the presence and feeling of our loved ones. So why not spice things up and just by simple few steps we can decorate it to feel much more homely.

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The main room of the house

In modern times when people lives in homes but  are separated by walls of their own rooms, living rooms serves as an area where whole family gets together. Living room is a place where everyone puts their common leisure things and enjoys their downtime together. In the age of digital media where everyone is glued to their phone all the time, to take a break from social media sites, and share a laugh with each other. You could put some games. They are available in different themes and you can choose one according to your décor. If you guys are feeling too lazy or tired to get up and do something you can always opt for movie night at home.

A Budget Decoration

As mentioned above living room serves probably the most important purpose in our house, so shouldn’t you make it one of the most decorated rooms of your house? It can be easily done if you don’t have to worry about expenses, but if you are trying to save money, your living room can still look beautiful if done on budget. Below are the 4 ways you can decorate your house on budget and in the end it will look fabulous.

1. Get rid of those pests

When people start to decorate their living room, the first thing they look up is new furniture or décor. It is quite temping but firstly you should always get your room cleaned up. A recent research reports that due to pests- especially termites one of the most occurring pests can cause a damage of up to $5 billion every year. If there are termites in your house getting new furniture décor will be of no help as they will only serve as food for the pests. Hence, the first thing you should do is to get bug killer sprays. Since every bug killer sprays are most or less harmful to human you should take necessary precautions while using them. Once you get rid of pests you are free to buy new furniture’s without worrying about them getting damaged.

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2. Buy yourself a clock

Many people tend to believe that a clock does not go well with living room. But you would be surprised how much they well they can act as a charming factor for your room. The great thing about clock is they came in all sorts of shape, sizes and color. So you can get one depending on your budget and the theme of your décor. If you are going for vintage look you can go for grand 18th century clock. They often come with pendulum and hanging it on wall will instantly make you feel like you have time travelled back to a century. However they tend to be costly. If you are going to for modern nice cozy look, you can buy a simple nice clock but be sure it matches the color of your décor. For an added effect hang the clock on the top of your television set.

3. Paintings are always good choice

Another most essential element to level up the charm of your living room is wall hanging. You can either go for painting with matches with your theme of décor but if you want to hang some other painting with is meaningful for you, you shouldn’t hesitate. After all house always looks more beautiful with personalized taste. There are lots of options available also. If you want to cover up a part of wall or whole wall you can opt for wall hangings.

The painting are not need to be necessarily painted by some famous artist, you can also get amazing paintings at garage sale or local flea market. They also look amazing, plus you can get them at cheap price. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about going above your budget.

Once you got the paintings, don’t hang them at first. Try placing them at different angles and locations and see which one looks best. If you have several small paintings you can hang them as short of cluster as you please. 

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4. Family Portraits

One of the most charming ways to add personalized touch to your living room and make it look great is to add family portraits. There’s nothing like seeing the pictures of your loved ones. The cluster of family portraits automatically draws attention of you and your guests towards them. A picture always gets you to reminisce about the memories and passing time. 

Whilst getting the family portrait there are few basic rule you need to make sure you follow. Always make sure the picture you are planning to hang is clear. Once you got it printed, hang it in a suitable frame. If you are planning to hang several small portrait, instead of a single large one, make sure you use the same frame for all of them. Again you can hang them around in cluster of various patterns. Go creative with it. 

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