custom sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is a high-end technique to embed the design directly into the fabric. Rather than appearing at the top, the sublimation prints seem like part of the product. Today, many industries are relying on this procedure to print a range of products especially sportswear and apparel. Custom sublimated apparels are unique, vibrant, and rich in colors. When applying to clothing, the ink is infused into the fibers allowing for more exceptional quality and stability.

Designs created by custom sublimation printing are excellent that gives a classical outlook to the wearer. However, the versatility and flexibility allow you to get custom sublimated uniforms, apparel and products in your desired way. The equipment used for this process is a computer, sublimation ink, printer, and special sheets. Hence, the images and patterns are designed onto the fabric by using heat and pressure. As a result, prints of superior quality are generated that are more vibrant.

Evo9x manufactures some of the finest custom sublimated sportswear, apparel, and other products. Here, the team of professionals and experts work according to the latest market trends and use exceptional quality fabric for sublimation printing. This is done to ensure that all the outfits and products come out looking great and feeling comfortable. Moreover, Evo9x is famous to generate premium and well-crafted custom sublimated sports uniforms for men, women, and kids along with a variety of other items.

Evo9x – Specialized in 100% Full Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation is before other traditional printing methods as the finished products are more visually appealing. This is because the design is completely embedded into the fibers and feels like it is part of the fabric. Moreover, custom sublimated garments and products can be personalized in multiple ways. That is the main reason behind their popularity in the sports industry where teams can establish their unique identity with custom sublimated uniforms.

At Evo9x, you have the option to get the apparel and other items in full bright and multiple colors. Besides, full dye sublimation techniques can produce remarkable patterns, graphics, the team’s logo and so much more. The design possibilities are unlimited hence this printing technique can turn out everything in your head into reality.

Overall, custom sublimated team uniforms, apparels, and other products possess more superior outlook as compared to traditional printing. Evo9x uses exceptional quality equipment and ink while the designs produced do not crack or fade away with time.  Dye sublimation, however, lets the dye efficiently become part of the material allow you to expect high durability.

Evo9x offers a range of Custom Sublimated Uniforms, Apparels, and Products

Industries are looking for more sustainable and innovative printing methods for apparel, sportswear, and more. However, high-quality sublimation printing is a better choice, especially for polyester fabrics. In the sports industry, this technique is more popular to create premium custom sublimated jerseys, custom sublimated uniforms, apparel, and much more. At Evo9x, you can get a range of sublimated shirts, sportswear, uniforms, and other items to fulfill the need for sustainable, customizable, and fashionable clothing.

Full Dye Sublimation Sports Uniforms

Sports brands have started recognizing the value of direct sublimation printing on sports apparel and team uniforms. As sportswear is made of polyester and has to deal with mud, frequent washes, and more. That is why sublimation is considered the most reliable method to print such apparel.

Evo9x gives incredible customization and designing opportunities to the sports teams. Hence, you can get custom sublimated basketball uniforms, custom sublimation printing football uniforms, Lacrosse uniforms, baseball uniforms, Soccer uniforms, wrestling uniforms, etc. for men and women. By using the latest equipment and techniques, evo9x can customize everything to strengthen your team’s uniqueness and identity.

Evo9x Custom Sublimated Collections

People are showing more interest in rich and eye-catching sublimation apparels and other products. The high-end Evo9x custom sublimation printing collection for men and women offers many exciting options to trend lovers. Here you can get custom sublimated shirts, custom sublimation printing jerseys, hoodies, custom design facemasks, face-covering gaiters, and more in attractive patterns and designs.

Evo9x Custom Sublimated Athleisure

As sublimation is the most versatile printing method that allows you to get apparel, shirts, jerseys, and other athleisure products. Evo9x creates athleisure wear for men and women including tops, bottoms, custom sublimated compression shirts, compression leggings, and more. Each of them provides style and function so that you can stay active in your social lifestyle.

Custom Sublimation Printing Accessories

The sublimation printing technique is not just limited to apparel and or uniforms. Evo9x also offers a wide selection of accessories that includes custom sublimated towels, headbands, sublimated compression arm sleeves, shoes, and more. You can print them in a comprehensive range of styles and specifications.

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