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Millions of comparable products abound in the retail industry. Are you planning to introduce a new product to the market or do you want to promote your existing ones? What distinguishes your company from the rest? The answer is easy to understand. It’s the product’s visual appeal and shelf impact!

Encasing your products in secure and intriguing packaging options can add intrigue to their outside appearance. What comes to mind when we talk of encapsulating luxury objects like cosmetics, fragrances, jewels, and wine bottles? It’s because of the rigid packing! Yes, you read that correctly.

Retailers like Custom Rigid Boxes because of the support and luxurious feel they provide. Because of the weight and cost, it is also known as premium packaging. In this article, we’ll look at what rigid packaging is and why it’s important. What are the design layouts that are appropriate for your product? Which design layout is appropriate for your product as per the marketing campaign? To question all these queries, you have to take a deeper look. 

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What are rigid boxes (set up boxes)?

A rigid box is a type of paper-based packaging material that has a high thickness of around 2-3 mm and a smooth finish thanks to the wrapping paper. It’s also known as a setup box or a luxury box, and it offers a fascinating unwrapping experience that helps you create a unique brand narrative.

Engraving, embossing, debossing, coatings, and decorative components are just a few of the branding options available with Custom Printed Rigid Boxes. This packaging is more durable and protective than corrugated cardboard, and it gives the products a more elegant appearance.

Rigid Box Designing Templates

Rigid boxes have the advantage of being able to take on any shape, style, or design that is appropriate for the product. They come in a variety of styles, so you may pick the best one for your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some rigid packaging styles that will help your products stand out:

Tube Packaging/Custom Round Boxes

In the packaging industry, rigid edge tube packaging, also known as Custom Round Boxes, has evolved as an innovative and revolutionary packaging solution. This box has no edges and is available in telescopic and neck and shoulder opening styles.

Smaller things, such as confectionery, stationery, cosmetics, accessories, and drinks, can be encased with easy opening and closing. It is beneficial to the environment and helps to reduce carbon footprints from our earth, in addition to offering sturdiness.

Magnetic Closures Rigid Boxes

Magnetic closing boxes’ gratifying snap is weirdly addictive since it comes with two magnets that firmly close the box. People are hesitant to trash these boxes because of their robust and sturdy structure, and as a result, they become a sustainable packaging solution that lasts for a longer amount of time.

This box is available in conventional and collapsible versions and may be used to store a variety of items, including a jeweler, makeup, and just about anything depending on the size of the box. The magnetic closure style of Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale also includes an insert that keeps the product in place and prevents cracks and other damages during storage and transit.

The normal form of the box is stronger and sturdier, however, the collapsible one is packed and delivered flat, reducing shipping and handling expenses significantly. Collapsible rigid boxes usually come with double-sided tape that clings to the collapsible faces of the box, rendering it useless to your customers. Your customers won’t even realize they’re foldable until they look closely. Genius!

Drawer Style Rigid Boxes

Something is comforting about opening a drawer, especially a small, box-sized drawer containing a new product. Because they open similarly to matchboxes, these Custom Set up Boxes are also known as slipcase, slide, and match rigid boxes.

Drawer style boxes are comparable to telescopic styles but from a different perspective-literally! They have a connected ribbon pull or a semi-circle thumb hole. By opening horizontally rather than vertically, products may be spared from catastrophic failure.

This box can also be manufactured with a built-in kid safety feature. Childproof boxes come in a slip side case type with a safety button that keeps harmful items away from children.

Book Style Rigid Boxes

One of the most intriguing design layouts is the book-type rigid box, which unfolds like a hard-cover book. It can be made with a straight or rounded spin to mimic the shape of a book, and magnetic attachments can be added to these Rigid Boxes.

This is a distinctive packaging style that distinguishes your company from the competition. You can boost its outer appearance by engraving it using enthralling printing, hot stamping, and coating alternatives to entice customers to buy your products without hesitation.

Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes

This type of packaging solution comprises numerous layers, including a lid on top of a tray. This is a fantastic product packaging option because it can be customized in any size, shape, or style, and it can also be engraved with any color and printing pattern, boosting your market share to new heights.

Designers frequently reveal the neckpiece of Custom Rigid Packaging to give a pleasant impression and a sense of mystery while looking at high-end products. Are you considering putting a vape pen or a perfume bottle inside it? Then, in the package, don’t forget to include personalized inserts. These fillers are useful for preventing cracks during shipping and long-term storage.

Wrap Up

Courage comes with imagination, and courage leads to perfect and enchanting ideas. Rigid boxes are available in a range of shapes and are four times thicker than standard packaging materials. I hope you have received all of the answers to your questions about rigid box packaging styles. To acquire additional ideas on your next packaging expert, contact a reputed box packaging supplier for more information. they will help you to select the right kind of packaging style as per the weight, size, and dimension of the product. 

Happy packaging! 

By Anurag Rathod

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