custom logo floor mats

Logo floor mats are becoming more popular as companies use them to provide additional information to their customers.

These vibrant, custom entryway mats showcase the company’s branding and tell visitors that the business is interested in the information.

This works to make a good first impression on the customer and, if done wisely, can also communicate to customers that they will be treated with the same care and attention.

To ensure that everyone has the same experience, the company needs to make an effort to understand how the design and logo of the company will fit.

We’ve put together these tips to help your business create a professional logo mat to make a great first impression on your store visitors.

1. Design that Delivers the Right Message 

When designing your company logo on rugs, ensure it conveys the right message to the target audience.

In addition, it should reflect your company’s work and the brand’s value. Please keep it clean and cool, and don’t try to overdo unnecessary tasks.

With the message, choose the right colour that appears in your message instead of creating a mistake.

For example, choose a dark image for a simple light massage. It immediately shines in the eyes of the visitor.

Avoid contrasting black colours that make you stand out and ruin your rug’s signature look.

2. Use Your Company’s Colors and Logo

The main purpose of installing non-standard rugs with a logo is to promote your brand. In other words, traditional logo mats are often used for promotion and advertising.

You should courageously print your company logo on the floor mat. Make sure the rug matches the spirit of your company.

Use beautiful colours to print and more colours for your company. Everything should be done nicely and clearly to show the professional image of your business.

3. Determine the Placement of the Floor Mats

Placing your custom-made logo floor mats will directly impact the design.

Therefore, before creating a design, you must plan the location of the logo or slogan you are using.

When guests enter, you want the design to appear, not to the side.

The horizontal position is called landscape orientation, and the vertical part is called portrait orientation.

When creating a design, first think about the arrangement of the floor mat so that you can organize the structure properly.

4. Keep it Clean

Avoid overdoing or patterns that look too strong when creating a unique logo on carpets with us.

More decorations and patterns can lead to an untidy look. However, you should choose a more varied tone to create a specific design.

Instead, use accessories in different shapes and colours to make you look more stylish and attractive.

For example, you can create the most striking logo by combining the contrast of white and blue. Similarly, you can experiment with different colour contrasts when designing a rug.

The key to creating the best clutter-free logo is to focus on one image and use a compelling message without mixing it up.

5. Install in Strategic Heavy Traffic Areas

Custom logo mats should always be posted in designated areas where customers can easily see them.

It should be installed so that the customer often sees the name and logo of your business.

You should install your custom logo mats at the main entrance of your office building, in the lobby, hallways, in the elevator, and on the doors, in front of the office.

6. Keep It Simple

It only takes a few seconds for visitors to look at the carpet as they enter and exit your home, so you need a design that can quickly make a good impression on your guests.

A simple logo with bold colours is often the best because it is easier to focus on than complex designs and more memorable for visitors.

The colour scheme should match your business colour to ensure consistency, which will help visitors associate the design or logo with your company.

It is also important to choose different colours so that your design stands out from the background and is easy to recognize.

7. Examine the Print Quality

Before printing, be sure to check the quality of the printer. The best logo design result will depend on the quality of the print.

Choose the best logo carpet design business that provides high-quality work to get the most out of your design.

Consider Other Matting Benefits

In addition to the marketing benefits described above, your custom branding should offer all the other important branding features.

Health and Hygiene

People are more concerned and vigilant than ever about health and hygiene standards, and mats are a great way to help your business comply with health regulations.

Mats not only help reduce the number of germs in your business but also prevent new germs from growing on surfaces. These mats keep your business environment healthy and look good while you work.

Anti Slips and Falls

Places under constant attack from the elements, day after day, create the endless potential for security issues.

Dust, dirt, and soot – these dangerous things can damage the shoes of anyone who walks through the door. In addition, the wind can easily leave dust and dirt on the floor whenever the door is opened, and water can damage anything.

Floor mats are a great and easy way to solve all these problems and provide high levels of safety. Placing mats outside or inside the doors – or both – prevents injuries that could cost your business time and money.

Make Your First and Last Impression Count

Perception is important. And we never get a second chance to make an important first impression.

A logo mat with your logo or name on it is a great way to ensure that people see your brand the moment they step into your business and that They are proud of your brand.

It also reminds them of who you are even when they leave.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.