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Effective Ways to Creating an App like Uber for the On Demand Business

Effective Ways to Creating an App like Uber for the On Demand Business

Well, no one requires an introduction to Uber. Each and every person across the globe knows about Uber and its services.

Being the first in this industry, Uber is known as the king. This in fact motivates many app development companies and app like uber developers follow their concept and thereby build apps similar to it.

Many companies try their best to build an app like Uber but not everything they cover successfully during the building process. This is mainly due to lack of app knowledge, less understanding between user demand, developer and many other circumstances.

Business Model of Uber

Uber’s business model is somewhat an amazing one that almost every on demand taxi service provider follows and every entrepreneur starting their new taxi business wants.

The demand on an app like Uber is also increasing just because of the rapid growth of the taxi industry.

Now, the competition has become much wider as every taxi service providing company is coming with their own unique services. But to deliver those services, a business model with good features should also be available.

Here is a list of Features that every Uber like App should have

Features Of Driver App

  • Status& Driver Profile: The driver will be able to create their profile by providing verification details, driving license number etc. The feature of status will allow the driver to mention their status of being available or busy.
  • Alert: With the help of push notification, the driver will get information about new updates directly on the phone home screen. They do not need to open the app continuously. Also, cancelling and accepting the ride request option will be available on the notification panel.
  • Navigation: It will allow the driver to reach the rider’s location for pickup and also till the rider’s drop off location too.
  • Estimation: This feature will help the driver to get the total price estimation including the actual ride cost and the discount
  • Report: Reports will allow the driver to know his or her trip history, payroll, earning and much more.

Features Of Rider App

  • Registration: Consider offering a social media login option rather than providing a long form filling. Signing up with an e-mail is also a great option to choose.
  • Taxi Booking Interface: App like Uber should have a simple taxi booking interface where the rider can easily book a ride of their desire.
  • Ride CostCalculator: This feature will mention the ride cost specifically and if any discount is applied, it will also be mentioned separately.
  • Payment: The payment options should be within the app. Payment option should include transaction through credit card as well as the debit card.

There are many other features but those are common and every app developer implements them in their app like Uber.

Taxi Business Through App Like Uber

It is better to consult an uber clone app development company and purchase an app like Uber to skyrocket their taxi business.

This shall ensure two main things namely,

  1. Great Profits
  2. Great Customer Outreach in shortest time

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