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Content syndication is the new trend in content marketing field, its impact on market is significant from product review and coverage increase in market. We shall understand here the value of syndication, its process and importance in today’s digital marketing era. We shall learn its impact with SEO techniques and pros and cons of syndication as well.

Let us understand the term- Content Syndication

When we write a blog on our personal website or elsewhere, main motive is to reach to number of peoples we can target and this can be done when you get your content on multiple blogs instantly. This is done by syndication process. Content syndication means publishing of web-based content by a third-party website. If syndication is done in a systematic manner, you may get more audience from republished blog rather than an original blog.

Why Syndication?

Let us understand the need of syndication so that we can understand its implementation necessity. The main motive is to target audience without copying a blog. There is a major difference in copying a blog and pulling out syndicated content. Syndication is legal and of course copying can be an illegal matter once objected by actual owner might it be any part of digital world like blog, video or article etc. It is effective as republishing content can give various ways of describing original ideas. It is not wrong to say if we explain syndication as recycling of actual post with marketing approach for lead generation.

Step by step process of Syndication

Syndication can be of article, blogs videos depending on content. It is technique to reach out to as many customers when you have published your content irrespective of date of publishing. You might have recommendable traffic on your website but what if response can be increased as double or triple when sharing to other websites and that too free of cost?

Tips for traffic from Syndicated Content:-

Setting up of goal: Business models need to have goals to reach either in marketing, generating leads, promotion or reaching audience, syndication works upon establishment of goals once setup.

Guest Posting: Guest blogging also known as guest posting means to post on other person’s blog that helps you to establish relationship exposure and link authority. You can search for various websites that accept guest posting and help you to increase your skills in placing links and understanding another person’s blog. It is a god idea to hire a professional content writing team for press release writing services and various writing and posting tasks.

Finding out potential partners: When you diagram your objectives, you will have a thought of what sort of substance you have and where you need to send it guaranteeing ideal outcomes. For this, you have to consider appropriate accomplices and substance syndication stages. You could switch for various content syndication sites that have built audience.

Use of Networking Sites: Social media may it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter make full use of it as to express your ideas and publish your link that increases view and maintain regular interaction with viewers.

Do not stick to a single format: Don’t be afraid to try all formats. Try experiment to engage readers and express your ideas vividly.

Email the best person who could be suitable for syndication of your content. Explain them how business could be in profit by your content and proving your worth to partner means winning half of the battle.

Proactive: Keeping faith on single website or person might not give you best or desired result, once in market keep searching the best options available.

Relationship: It is the important factor in any field we work for, do your best once you find your content syndicated. Work for consistent performance and offer more quality work to your clients.

Syndicating safely to avoid duplicate data:

Now we have understood fact that syndication is not copying but if duplication is handled correctly search engine will have no problem with this. Let us understand some tricks to deal with negative problem of content such as creation of duplicate content:

  1. rel=canonical: You can suggest third party to utilize the ‘rel=canonical’ tag. This movement tells Google about the first owner of substance. This training is sound as it profits by any connections the syndicated duplicate proceeds to get.
  2. No index: Second best practices is to have noindex copy of their article. By guiding search engine to keep syndicated index out of content, solves the problem of duplicity.
  3. Direct attribution Link: If above choices are not acceptable, one can go to follow the direct attribution link. Through this method, you make sure that you get link directly from syndicated copy to original article instead of your homepage.
  4. Screw it, Do it Anyway: There are times where you should need to syndicate content, yet the distributer isn’t willing to actualize any of the over three arrangements. For instance, they may just need to connect back to your landing page as attribution. This situation can prompt the higher expert site being viewed as the first distributer, with your duplicate seen as a copy. In the event that this occurs, the other site will rank for your substance and not you.

Pros and Cons of Content Syndication:

Let us understand the positive and negative sidelines of Content Syndication.

Positive impacts:

  1. SEO boost: If handled correctly, content syndication provides additional links to your website and leads to boost in SEO.
  2. Target Audience: As discussed earlier, sharing your original content to multiple blogs and through third party may increase your followers up to twice or thrice the original post view.  We cannot deny the fact quality content will always be read irrespective of date published.
  3. Lead Generation: It refer to chain management while holding your audience, giving the audience searched items already what they might be looking for on search engines.
  4. Brand Reputation: Republishing your substance on settled and high-specialist destinations positions you among thought pioneers inside your industry and lifts your image’s notoriety. On the off chance that individuals accept your a tenable source, will probably become tied up with your message too.

Negative Impacts:

  1. Duplicate Content: Biggest threat in content syndication is related to copying a content, sometimes we get authorized from original text or content owner to pull syndicated data yet we should ask for minute details like videos or pics used in content can be used or are licensed so that its not copied or no one can make objection in your hard work.
  2. Outranking original content: It might be and van not be denied that in order to increase the view you get viewers more for republished content and thus lead to fall in ranking of your original content.
  3. Disreputable partners: The most vital piece of substance syndication is finding the correct accomplices. Shockingly, there are a few locales that don’t have a decent syndication program and will re-reason your substance as their own, rather than republishing it with a connection back to your site.
  4. Inability to collect emails: Third party websites do not have email widgets, so while you might have gained an added exposure but you fail to have email list creation and pitch emails to your suitable partners for syndication of content.

By Anurag Rathod

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