CNC Machining

Computer numerical control or CNC is a machine operated by the computer directions for customizing any material by removing a layer from the top depending on the shape and size the person wants. This process is best suited for aluminum, steel, plastic, and other metals to mold it into a desired shape and size.

Steps involved in CNC machining

In industries, cnc machining is a process where metals, plastic, foam, and wood are cut into the desired shape using computer controls. The process involves a few stages, and these are as follows:

  • Model design: The designer creates a 2d or a 3d model using cad software and models it according to the customer’s shape and size. The designer uses his software to perfectly shape the material and then exports the final file to a CNC-compatible extension. The file is loaded to the computer.
  • File conversion: The final file extension is then converted using computer-aided manufacturing software to suit the CNC machine tooling. The numbers and dimensions are converted to a suited for the machine, which then uses it to carve the material into the desired shape. It uses mapping to track the process further.
  • Machine setup: The manufacturing unit sees that the machine is properly set up before beginning the worm of shaping the material. The operator checks all the affixes. The operator checks if the file uploaded has been converted using computer-aided manufacturing software and has proper controls to command the machine of the shape and size required. After checking all these things, the machine is ready to function for carving or cutting the material.
  • Operational execution: Computer numerical control acts as a command to the CNC tooling machine. It guides the machine on the dimensions and maps the movement to get a perfect size and shape output. The machine is then set on the code entered by the software. The machine starts the process of carving the material as per the instructions entered in the computer software.

Types of machine operations

CNC is a widely used manufacturing process in the industry of aerospace, automotive, construction, etc. There are various types of machine operations such as:

  • Drilling: This is a cylindrical machine guided by the main cnc machining to create holes in the material to suit the entered reading for the required diameter. 
  • Milling employs multi-point rotating tools to remove leftovers from the materials with the numbers entered using the computer. One of the major features is that it can cut deep into the cavities such as threads and slots to match the workpiece perfectly.
  • Turning: The feeding to the cutting tool is in a linear motion alongside the rotating workpiece’s surface. It is the world’s best for faster and smooth cutting of round parts.

One of the famous industry machines working on getting the perfect cutting and shaping of materials is cnc machining. It is widely used in the industry of aerospace, automotive, and construction. These industries work on precision and accuracy, so the use of such machines is highly recommended.

By Anurag Rathod

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