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History of CNC machine

Many long times ago in 1940 to 1950 the people face many problems with conventional machine-like lathe, milling and grinding machine in America at that time in 1940, the American helicopter manager John Parson have faced some problems to their helicopter, and he invents machine, but he is not success even though he doesn’t leave his project then after his third trial he invented CNC machine and famous as machine developer.

But still here is no stop after a long time in 1949 the American plane company reinvent it and as these CNC machines is developed “John parson is known as father of CNC machine.”

What Is CNC Machining

CNC machining is a production method in which industrial tools, parts and machinery are controlled by pre-programmed computer software, which is helps to human effort from grinders and lathes to mills and routers, the method can be utilized to manage a wide range of complicated machines. Many applications like a Three-dimensional cutting tasks may be completed in a single set of instructions with CNC machining.

We keytex machine is a CNC Machine Manufacture in Surat. The CNC machine’s technique, which is also known as “computer numerical control.” It is normally operating by the computer, so sometimes it’s quite difficult but when operating CNC machine, the process of working with it is simple.

Types of CNC machine

CNC machine is working with several types, here is some of them useful types of CNC machine.

1.     Lathe/Turning CNC Machines

2.     Milling CNC Machine

3.     Drilling CNC Machine

4.     Grinding CNC Machine

5.     Laser cutting CNC Machine

6. plasma cutting CNC Machines

7. Electrical discharge CNC Machines (EDM)

8.  Router CNC Machine

9.  CNC machine with tool change

10.   3-D printer

11.    5-axis CNC machine

12.  Pick and place machine

 As we see all top most types of the CNC machine in which we are talking about a very useful and widely used CNC turning Machines.

CNC Lathe/Turning Machines

CNC turning machine manufacturing process in which all bars and material are held in a Chuck.

In CNC lathes or turning center have tooling mount which is controlled by the computer. Keytex   is a manufacturing company of CNC turning machine and its parts. When the codes are programmed its work itself and gave a mass production. We get more benefit with this machine.

1.     Milling CNC Machine

This type of machine is used for drilling and cutting. Yes, these types of machines used to produce spur gear also used for cutting.

2.     Drilling CNC Machine

The CNC drilling machine typically applied for mass production. The time getting drilling machine super speed for mass production. This type of drilling machine is used for mass drilling and more grooving.

3.     Grinding CNC Machine 

This type of machine is rooted away metal from a metal. Normally CNC grinding machine is using in camshaft, threading machine and other. We Keytex provides many parts of CNC machine and useful for several mechanists.

4.     Laser cutting CNC Machine

This type of Laser cutting machine is used for cut the hard material. CNC laser cutting machine is mostly in used with CO2, neodymium, yttrium aluminum garnet. It is very useful for hard material.

5.     Plasma cutting CNC Machines

This machine is like milling CNC machine, which are used to cut materials. But they different from plasma cut by applying plasma torch. This type of machine is more capable in future cutting material.

Plasma cutting come from plasma welding in the 1960s. It is also in the 1980s it grew as a sheet metal and plate cutting product. It has many traditions advantage like “metal against metal”, is producing no metal chips, giving a better and accurate cut.

6.     Electrical discharge CNC Machines (EDM)

This machine is also known as spark CNC machine. This is a special type of CNC machine which is uses Electric spark for manage material for desire shape.

7.  Router CNC Machine

  • The CNC router machine is work like wise to another CNC machine. It’s works manually such as interior, door carving, an exterior decoration, wood panel, Sign boards, wood frames, molding, musical instrument and furniture work is done by CNC router machine. This type of machine gets a better result.

8. CNC machine with tool change

This type of automatic tool change machine’s carrying capacity and production wet of the machines and also improving capacity to work with the number of tools.

9.   3-D printer

It is a CNC machines element like a belle. The design created by CAD and CAM process and then 3-D printer is used to reflect this design. The CNC printing is used to building infirmities.

10. 5-axis CNC machine

The 5- axis CNC machine is total of 5 axes. Originally it has three axis ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. The cutting operation two has done and three directions. This machine is used to Sculptures.

11.   Pick and place machine

This is the other type of CNC machine, it is used in an industry, the pick and place CNC machine has many nozzles to lift the many electrical components to electric equipment to place them to arrange in perfect direction. They generally used for manufacture, cellphones, computers and tablets etc.

How does CNC machining work?

CNC machine work on based of computer and its programming. When CNC machine turned on the required cuts are programmed into software. Its work like a robot, its carryout the task and dimensional equation and gave us required shape and cuts.

We all know the programming mistakes in numerical system’s code when using CNC programming but obvious result we get much better than humidity.

A set of inputs known as the part programmed, it determines where a tool is placed in a numerical control system.

As we know that the punch cards are used to input programming into a numerical control unit. CNC machine programs, on the other hand, we can use small keyboards to load programmed into computer. CNC machine programming is stored in computer memory, and the programmer of the computer is writing, editing and changing the codes.

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