Trivik Resort

1. Trivik Hotels and Resorts, Chikmagalur

Polite and comfortable, food, everything from feeling to feeling. We worshiped the place and made the most of our visit. The room was special. Buzzing sounds and such comfort and excellence. You can enjoy the amazing view from your room in Trivik Resort. The staff in the front work area were all professional and nice. All of them were good and productive.

You may want to give special recognition to the administration provided by Mr. Nashimu, who has been kind and attentive to meeting our requirements. In fact, I was in particularly bad shape and needed a medical worker to take care of me.

Naseem needed personal consideration and effort to control those who came twice in the village.

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2. Shishila Hills Jungle Stay

The Shishila Hills Jungle Stay is the most extreme source and tension relief in the heart of nature. Come and make the most of our hearts, keep an eye on them and share your fascinating experience with your home. Room Details: Offers luxurious rooms with wooden bunk beds, comfortable beds, Western / Indian toilets, regular dining lobby with TV office, safe vehicle exit, and rest space for comfortable mountain views doing.

Exercises: Escaped from the hustle and bustle of city life, here is a true paradise for nature lovers. This homestay offers a special base for exploring the wilderness and a comfortable view of the mountains.

If you look into strange places or climb little up nearby villages, the staff here is to ensure that you get all the flavors of our lifestyle and habits.

3. Siri Nature Roost

Mahatama Gandhi Park is a 6-minute drive away. Rooms Make yourself comfortable in one of 18 cool rooms, including horizontal screen TVs. You can stay connected via free remote internet access. Private bathrooms with showers have rainfall showerheads and free bath tools. The

Comforts include an electric kettle and free integer water and provide daily housekeeping. Amenities Enjoy the freedom of sporting activities such as an external pool, indoor pool, and 24-hour fitness center. Siri Resort is one of the best in Chikmagalur.

4. The Visita County

 “Visita County provides a great place for navigators to relax after a busy day. The Visita County should introduce the sights and tips of Chikmagalur, ideal for explorers After a difficult day of tours, visitors can resign to the comfort of their accommodation. Stop by this Chikmagalur’s accommodation near their lodgings. “

5. Chinnahadlu Resort

Chinnahadlu Resort offers a rich experience of the highest level in harmony with the beautiful scenery around it. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, we can experience nature first-hand without introducing a benefactor fake luxury. The current premium office is consistently blended with the greens and animals of the hillside and its location.

Chikmagalur was left pure white as our high-tech life was in a hurry, but then purchased to speed up the comfortable integration of these two. In the Chikmagalur region of Karnataka, we are located near Mudigere.

6. Nexstay Coffee Grove Resort

This is my second visit to this resort. We were a gathering of 20 individuals. We were satisfied and satisfied with the services provided by all the training groups. All the rooms were kept complete and clean and well worth the cost paid (we remained in the cottage).

It is in a coffee ranch far from the effects of any kind of anxiety. You can just walk around and watch the birds quietly. The last person of the eviction employee is continuously convenient. The Kitchen Group has improved significantly when compared to a previous visit two years ago. The menu has been redesigned and the taste and aroma of the food are really fair and wonderfully delicious. Don’t let the complimentary breakfast menu spread flashy again. Anyway, if it contains food from the neighborhood, it means that it has become a feather on the hat.

7. The Blossom – Mountain View Rooms

Chikmaglur is a wonderfully well-planned homestay. Located in the middle of the lush greenery, we offer accommodation that is forever worth thanking. An ideal hotel for nature lovers and family explorers. Property Facility: The interior of our property was exceptionally relaxed and insightful.

We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor games and nature walk visits during the visitor’s visit. Come with us and regain inner harmony. We offer free Wi-Fi access and free stops for visitors during their visit. You can dive into the on-site pool as well as the You expect an incredible stay. Room Details: The rooms provided are quite large and have additional toilets.

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