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Ancient Chinese used to cure acne by face mapping. Do you know what face mapping is?

It is the best way to cure the acne breakout on your face. A skin doctor explains that face mapping is a technique that follows the acne development pattern on your face regarding your overall health.

When you notice a pimple on the same area of your face, you should get the signal that it tells you about your overall health. Here are some acne causes that often result due to poor lifestyle choices.

Let’s explore what your face acne says about you.

When You Have Acne around Your Hairline 

Some people experience acne around the hairline on the forehead. Such a type of acne is known as pomade acne. Do you know what pomades are?

They are mineral oil-based products for hair that are thick substances. The use of different hair products leads to the sebum exiting on your head. It blocks the pores that result in acne breakout on your forehead.

Experts suggest avoiding the use of the pomades when you have a hairline acne breakout. If you need such solutions for your hair, make sure that you go with clarifying shampoos to rinse off the oil from your hair.

When You Have Acne on Cheeks

Your phone contains different types of bacteria. Today, the average person picks up the phone every 10 minutes. Why? Well, the reason is crystal clear that we depend on the smartphone for daily tasks, even though we all prefer to communicate through the phone over talking to someone in person.

Do you know that the reason behind the cheeks acne is your phone?

Yes, this is your phone that contains bacteria that transfer to your face through your hands. You must change your pillow covers daily and make sure that you clean your phone. Experts also suggest avoiding the face touch without washing your hands first.

When you go to the grocery, buy a pack of disinfectant wipes to clean your phone. Prefer using a headset rather than using the phone directly to your ear for phone calls.

When You Have Jawline Acne 

Women and men both experience acne on the jawline or chin. Ancient Chinese and now scientific studies indicate this acne as the hormone fluctuations.

Studies explain that fluctuations in your hormones indicate that you may have endocrine system disorder. It happens when excess androgen results in clogged pores.

After the doctor’s suggestion, we came to the point that hormone imbalance is often caused by an imbalanced diet. During the menstrual cycle, you may notice acne on your jawline and chin. Processed foods, sugar, and excess dairy products consumption can lead to more acne breakouts.

Cutting out on such a diet can result in hormone imbalance.

When You Have Acne on Your Forehead

Forehead acne often comes with nose acne. Stress is the cause of the acne on such areas of your face but it is not directly linked. You can say that it triggers acne on your face.

One study also confirmed the fact that if you wake up feeling tired, you are more likely to experience acne breakouts. Such a pattern means that you need prescribed medications to treat this shape of acne on your face.

Make sure that you go with good hygiene as it will help in minimizing the acne on your forehead and nose. Excess oil on your face is also the reason that causes acne breakout.

One of the main causes of forehead and nose acne is stress. You need therapy and over-the-counter medicines if you are dealing with chronic stress.

How to Prevent Face Acne?

  • You need to wash your face once or twice a day. If you exercise daily, use a chemical-free soap to remove the sweat from your face.
  • Use oil-free products to prevent acne.
  • Good nutrition is key for healthy skin.

Final Thought 

Some hair products often lead to acne breakouts. Always wash your face after applying pomades to cleanse the line around your face.

By Anurag Rathod

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