certificate 3 in individual support

Many might think of studying for a certificate 3 in individual support, but they might not know where the qualification could take them. It is known that completing an aged career course will help pursue opportunities in the aged care sector. It takes special skills to provide good support to aged members of society.

To make sure graduates have the education needed to formalise supporting plans, certificate 3 in aged care short course covers important areas related to caring for older people and people with disabilities.

What Is Certificate 3 In Aged Support?

The certificate three aged care and disability courses in aged support is a course that is designed to provide a person who wants to have a career in aged support, disability support and community support with training in various procedures that would help mould them to become a good aged care worker.

Career Opportunities After Completing Certificate 3

Several career opportunities can be pursued after completing certificate 3 in aged care. Some of the careers are-

  • Aged care support worker

An aged care support worker usually provides clinical care, emotional help, residential assistance and company for older people. Following a career path in this sector could be very fulfilling, but various skills are required to manage the daily operations linked with this aged care short courses profession.

From developing interpersonal skills to clinical capabilities, the certificate III in individual support course can help a student improve the proficiency needed to work in the aged care sector. The graduates can pursue this course for various positions in-

  1. Hospitals
  2. Private homes
  3. Community agencies
  4. Retirement homes

Due to the enhanced ageing population in Australia, the job opportunities in this sector are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. As per the Australian Government’s job outlook website, the aged care industry employed close to 175,800 workers in 2018.

The number could increase to over 200,000 by 2023, providing more job opportunities. The course provides an ageing specialisation unit to help aged care workers.

  • Disability support worker

These workers provide special care and supervision to enhance an individual’s mental and physical state. Over thousands of jobs have been created in the disability sector ever since the National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS) was introduced. This indicated further employment growth for the future.

A profession in disability support after various choice of workplaces are-

  1. Group homes
  2. Clinics
  3. Private residences
  4. Hospitals

Having an authorised qualification can enhance the chances of getting entry to the disability support sector. Whether one aims to get an entry-level position or widen the skillset to pursue advanced opportunities, certificate 3 in aged care and disability courses can equip a person with the skills needed to provide professional care to disabled people.

Nursing assistant

A nursing assistant performs an important role in clinical care settings; the healthcare team relies on nursing assistants to take care of patients while also providing administrative support. This job can be very physically demanding as these workers need to move and lift patients.

There are various duties of a nursing assistant that could be different depending on the healthcare sector they work in; some of their responsibilities are-

  1. Managing medications
  2. Monitoring vital signs of a patient
  3. Bathing, dressing and feeding patients
  4. Scheduling appointments with other workers such as speech therapists

Formal education is necessary to get a job in this profession, and nursing assistants need deep medical knowledge to work for the patients, which is provided by the relevant course.

Residential carer

When a person thinks of aged care, the first thing that comes to mind is residential care. This is a very common job position in the aged care sector that refers to taking care of older patients in aged care facilities. Residential care workers will particularly be engaged in providing care for patients in aged facilities due to a disability or illness that has grown to the extent that the family cannot support it.

In a residential caring facility, patients access the medical staff 24 hours a day. In addition to administering care, there are many cases where one may be needed to look after daily activities and works that cannot be performed any longer, like cooking, cleaning or ironing. The responsibilities of a residential care worker don’t just end in care, but they also have to look after the physical well-being and provide social support in many cases.

Respite carer

Often, a patient does not need a professional carer but relies on the support of close friends and families to be independent. The family members or relatives need a break now and then, but someone needs to look after the older people; respite care workers come into play.

A respite carer is an important job that involves caring for older patients when the main care worker needs a break or other reasons. The main carer could be a family member, friend, relative, or disability support worker who needs rest.

There are several kinds of respite works such as-

  1. Residential care respite
  2. Respite care directed by the consumer
  3. In-home respite care

To qualify for this position, one might need to complete a Certificate III course in individual care. If a person wishes to extend their career, the certificate could be used as a pathway for a Bachelor in social work. Other jobs like dementia care and palliative care require learning different skills to treat patients suffering from various disorders.

Associate With The Best Training Schools That Provide Aged Support Courses

Several training institutes in Perth have a variety of aged care courses; some of them are reputed while others are new. A student who wants to dedicate their life to aged care training services could enrol in any aged care courses that would provide them with the required degree to get a job in the aged care sector. The aged care sector in Australia is very demanding, and it would specialize skilled workers in filling job roles and help expand the sector.

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