FUE hair transplant

When seeking the best hair transplant, you want a process that will increase the volume of your hair. However, you may need to have an FUE hair transplant of an area experiencing hair thinning. There is still some hair in the recipient area.

Doing a hair transplant in such an area is tricky. The results may not be as satisfying as the patient imagined. But does the process damage your existing hair?

FUE hair Transplant on a Thinning Region

The best hair transplant is done on a bald spot. However, there are cases you have an FUE hair transplant of thinning hair to avoid balding. Unfortunately, this does not stop the existing hair from thinning. 

A wise and experienced surgeon would transplant hair follicles through the existing follicles. It should only happen if you have no plan of reviving the dying follicles.

When hair is thinning, It goes through a process called miniaturizing. The hair gradually grows thinner and shorter until it falls off. Then, the follicle dies, and you are left with a bald hairline- that’s the process of receding hairline. 

So, transplanting hair through existing follicles does not damage the existing hair. It only helps to cover the gaps that would have been left when the existing hair falls.

How does FUE Hair Transplant work?

FUE hair transplant works by transferring healthy hair follicles from one part of the head to the other. There are times when the doctor will need to harvest hair grafts from other parts of the body. But, they will need to assess the health and quality of hair follicles from other parts before transplanting. In extreme cases, they may get an external donor- This is not advisable due to the many risks involved. 

Many people choose FUE over FUT to avoid scarring on the scalp. It also saves on the scalp stretching as the parts are stitched together. The results of both hair transplants are similar, only that you don’t get a scar through an FUE hair transplant. 

How to Minimize Damage and Hair Loss

You can prevent hair loss and damage through the use of the right methods and techniques. That’s why amateur surgeons should work closely with experienced surgeons. It helps them grow experience and learn the craft without referencing, 

Every doctor should give their patients a detailed aftercare service. It assists in the proper healing of the scalp and proper growth of transplanted hair. 

A patient should avoid scratching or rubbing the scalp before it heals. That’s why they should keep the scalp moisturized at all times. 

FUE Recovery

FUE is a minimally invasive surgery. It has a short downtime, and you can return to work in two days. However, daily workouts and physically involved activities are affected. It will improve if you cut down on them to allow the grafts and donor area to heal. In two to four weeks, you should fully resume your normal activities. 

How FUE can Damage Hair Follicles

It is possible to damage existing hair follicles through FUE transplants. If the doctor does not handle the extracted grafts well, they may damage and fail to regrow at their new location.

In the first incident, it can happen when the doctor is hot keen on where they are transplanting the hair. If they make incisions that intersect the existing follicles, the existing hair follicle will get damaged, resulting in hair loss. 

In the second scenario, when the doctor does it store the grafts well after extraction, the quality of the graft deteriorates. The graft cells may die before the transplant process is over. Thus, the transplant process fails. 

Possible Causes of Follicle Damage

There are other possible causes of follicle damage. Some of them are not related to FUE hair transplants. But it’s wise to share with you.

You can damage your follicles through chemical processing. Check the ingredients list in your chemical relaxers and dyes to ensure there are no harmful ingredients. Also, it would help if you minimized heat treatment. Continuous and excessive exposure to heat will damage your scalp cells. Eventually, the follicles will get dormant, leading to hair loss. 


Correctly dome FUE hair transplant does not cause follicle damage. However, it is a risk you take in an attempt to save your scalp from balding. You can minimize the risk by selecting an experienced doctor in the reputable and best hair transplant clinic.

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