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What is Psychological Assessment? 

The term Psychological Assessment is a process of testing that is a good combination of techniques to evaluate the person’s behavior, personality, and capabilities. It is usually performed by a licensed Psychologist as it should not be performed in a Vacuum. 

Psychological testing may sound daunting but it focuses on improving mental health. Assessment that is done by Psychologists includes various components like; informal tests, surveys, interview information, medical evaluation, and observational data. 

In this article we will understand in detail the importance of Psychological Assessment performed by Psychologists in Hyderabad and its criteria; keep reading to know more about it. 

What is the Importance of Psychological Assessment? 

Mental Assessment assists with enabling, create, develop, and be educated regarding how to continue using their cognitive-emotional strengths. The main objective of Psychological Assessment is to improve overall mental health. All the Psychological tests are used to access types of mental abilities, attributes, and neurological functioning. Here are a few advantages of Psychological Assessment: 

Focuses on improvement through different tests 

Psychological Assessment focuses on change and evaluates the degree of advancement inside a particular region. Mental Assessment estimates the vocation abilities and intellectual turn of events. Some of the major psychological assessments testing methods are as below: 

  • The clinical interview 
  • Personality Assessment
  • Behavioral Assessment 
  • Assessment of Intellectual functioning (IQ) 

All these tests are usually taken by professional and reputed psychologists and they make sure that it doesn’t have any adverse effects on the mind of a person.  

Helps in problem-solving

Psychological Assessment helps in problem-solving and it is a great way to keep up with good mental health. After taking the above tests with the help of results psychologists and patient both will get a clear idea about the problem and how it is to be solved. The process of Psychological Assessment as a problem-solving approach is as below: 

  • It identifies the problem 
  • Forms a strategy 
  • Psychologists allocated the resources 
  • And at last, they (Psychologists) will evaluate the results 

Hence, when a patient takes tests it shows they have an aptitude for social engagement.  

Helps in decision making 

Through Psychological assessment patients often make important life decisions. They might be struggling with school, marriage, parenting, or a career; and so on also, testing is a successful method to assemble the data that can be utilized in conversations with analysts about which choice to make in such conditions. Even though tests are not important to have conversations about deciding, data can expand patient’s information. 

Some significant standards’ of Psychological Assessment 

1. Autism 

Mental imbalance is an expansive term that is utilized to portray a gathering of neurodevelopment problems. These issues are described by issues with correspondence and social cooperation. There are different types of Autism namely: 

  • With or without accompanying intellectual impairment
  • Associated with a medical or genetic condition or environmental factor 
  •  Some associated with neurodevelopment or behavioral disorder 

Hence, we can say that Autism is all about screening, evaluating, and diagnosing problems faced by children as early as possible. 

2. Depression 

Psychological Assessment for depression is extremely necessary as it can be used to rule it out. The depression tests are conducted by mental health professionals and are in form of a questionnaire or they may ask questions orally. Here are some uses for depression testing: 

  •  It is useful for determining the mental health of the patient 
  • Helps the Psychologists in prescribing the correct treatment 
  • It helps patients to stay and focus on the present 
  • It allows patients to find support 

At last, we can say that Depression is an illness that can be cured and fought with willpower and psychological assessment. 

3. OCD 

OCD is referred to as obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s anything but a typical, chronic, and long-lasting disorder wherein an individual has repeating obsessions or considerations that one wishes to repeat again and again. Some symptoms of Obsessive-compulsive disorder are as below: 

  • Fear of germs contamination 
  •  Aggressive thoughts towards others or even towards oneself
  • Need all the things in perfect order 
  •  Excessive cleaning or hand washing 
  • Repeatedly checking on things (E.g.: if the door is locked or not, is the oven on?) 

OCD is usually seen in many people but it is better to get it cured with the help of Psychological assessment and professional psychologists.

Emotional Quotient 

An emotional Quotient is otherwise known as emotional intelligence. It is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions in different ways to reduce stress, overcome challenges and conflicts. The emotional Quotient of a person is usually defined by four attributes: 

  • Self- management
  • Self- awareness 
  • Empathy 
  • Relationship management 

To evaluate the emotional quotient psychological assessment is necessary to measure the emotional abilities of the patient with the help of psychologists. 

Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a disorder that is usually seen in children. It affects how one pays attention, sits still, and controls behavioral patterns. Boys are more likely to have it in comparison to girls. ADHD can be easily cured in hyperactive children with the help of psychological assessments done by psychologists. Some symptoms of ADHD are as below:

  •  The child is easily distracted 
  • Doesn’t follow or finished tasks
  • Tends to forget about daily activities 
  • Faces problems while organizing tasks 
  • Keeps on repeating the same mistakes again and again 
  • Always keeps on interrupting others 
  • Talks excessively 
  • Faces troubles while waiting for their turn 

Hence, all the above-mentioned symptoms can vary from child to child but the proper direction should be given to the child by parents, teachers by keeping track of their behavior. 


Hence, these above all are the most important factors of Psychological assessment that will help you to focus on good mental health. 

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