how well or wrong the hair extension

Hair loss and headaches, be it for thin or thick hair, is an underlying opinion showing that hair extensions are not safe. Some say that it is terrible for your hair. But, before holding into this opinion, one should first know if the actual hair extensions hair loss damages your hair! Or maybe it’s the poor fusion process which? Some women add hair strands that weigh as much as 300 grams or even more than that!

Continue reading to know how well or wrong the hair extension is to your hair.

Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

As the extensions have been properly attached, they will not damage your hair. It’s like anything else in life. The technique is essential. Even applying makeup on your face can damage your skin. Yes, there are some chemicals. However, when you are not going past the top, then there is nothing you have to worry about.

What Can Cause Hair Damage?

The significant problem with hair extensions is not the extensions however the people who are handing them. Be it from inexperienced stylists who affect your hair or from super heavy hair sets, which do indeed cause headaches. For more weight hair extensions you need to get, please look at the buying guide. The weight should not be above 200 grams.

Also, the effect of hair extensions may happen when someone is trying to install extensions themselves. DIY installation can go wrong if someone doesn’t know what they’re doing! More so when we’re talking about the more complicated process such as hot or cold fusion.

Damaging Hair Extensions by Design

Now, some processes will affect your hair by design. For example, keratin hair extensions which one attaches with the assistance of melted hair protein. These will appropriately leave a mark on your hair; however, as far as we are concerned, the effect is through design, such as gluing fake nails.

There is no real damage that acts as damage. In others, you won’t have problems from hair loss or thinner hair. Several of the time, it’s a show result of getting various chemicals onto hair to complete the extensions.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

Several girls end up with d to the effects locks by avoiding hair maintenance or not doing it correctly. Every extension type has some maintenance that needs to be followed to make your natural strands healthy and beautiful.

Those that ignore those rules will end up with a mess. For example, when you don’t brush your hair, the natural strands with the extensions will have all tangled up. Making dreadlocks, and there will be no other way to get out the extensions through forcefully pulling them out, or even worse, cutting the hair.

This can sound extreme to you, though unfortunately, every girl takes the maintenance advice seriously and then harms their locks. Washing may also be problematic when not done correctly. Hair is always susceptible if it’s wet, so as you tug or pull on the extensions.

The Safest Hair Extensions?

The best hair extensions which is suggested and that have the lowest amount of effects are clip-ins.

You don’t even require a stylist to get them, and in case you choose to go with the highest quality clip-ins from Airy Hair. You may always select just the correct weight, from 50 to 200 grams.

The clip-in extensions do not work in any chemicals, glue, tape, heat, beads, or anything like that. It has wefts and clips which may be safely and efficiently installed. You may decide to do it at home, even if you don’t get it right the first time. You can always take out the wefts and begin again without affecting or placing any strain on your locks.

Do Hair Extensions Cause Headaches?

What if you are not comfortable wearing them and are getting headaches? This could be because of the improperly attached clips or too much hair. You have to spend a few more minutes enhancing them for the first solution, and the problem disappears. Another thing not to do is sleeping with clip-in extensions. This is not a normal procedure then you should not sleep with clip-ins.

When you have known the hair extension guidelines, you should never attach more than 200 grams of hair extensions. But you have long-term experience when your head is used to extra weight!


Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding of how do hair extensions ruin your hair. These methods are safe to use and even whether they damage your hair.

By Anurag Rathod

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