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Starting C2C Marketplace Is A Great Business To Own In 2021

Starting C2C Marketplace Is A Great Business To Own In 2021


Indian ecommerce industry is a boon to small and medium enterprises. Due to its tremendous growth it strengthens the Customer to Customer (C2C) marketplace platforms. Every small towns are eager to experience the online shopping. So obviously there is high demand for smartphones and all other digital mediums that helps to utilize the digital shopping.

What is C2C Marketplace

C2C is a marketplace platform where customers purchases goods from other customers. People deal things with more empathy as they treat their customers as themselves. This type of marketplace has great potential. Starting from the year 2011, the growth of C2C marketplace platform has increased up to 45%. So anyone can commence their enterprise anytime.

C2C marketplace platform is highly popular in all social media channels. People easily share their products in social media and the buyers will click on the site and will reach the product easily. You can focus on your targeted audience and can share on the concern groups and you can get genuine response.

Revenue channel of C2C marketplace platform

The C2C marketplace platform earns listing fee by charging the sellers to list their product. Also for all the advertisements that run on the website will let the C2C marketplace to get a descent income. For facilitating credit card transaction, a transaction fee is collected. So there are many ways of earning through C2C marketplace platform.

Why a C2C Marketplace is a Great Business To Start In 2021

The reason behind the unbelievable expansion of C2C marketplace platform is the convenience it gives to its users. Since people have experienced the fun-filled shopping with C2C marketplace platform there is a greater scope for this platform by the year 2021. Let us analyze the reasons why C2C marketplace is a great business to take over n 2021.

  • Fastest reach

You can reach large audience in a very short period of time. So selling a product with C2C marketplace platform is highly profitable as there will be more buyers demanding the same product. You can keep high margin for the product and sell.

  • Less marketing cost

Since the C2C marketplace platform will have huge number of users, there is no need to spend separate expense for promoting the product. Your product will be easily viewed and you will get more buyers requesting your product.

  • Huge competition for products

The buyers are benefited with the competition of products as there will be several sellers selling same type of product, the buyers can compare the products and can select the one which is economical and of good quality.

  • No intermediary

The buyers can directly approach the sellers and there will not be any intermediary to be pad separately. This benefits both the buyer as well as the seller. The seller can fix the price for his products and the buyer can negotiate with the seller and can buy it.

A C2C marketplace 3 major scenarios

The C2C marketplace covers the 3 main scenarios that are considered to be the essential aspects in any marketplace platform.


People prefer online shopping to buy products. In the beginning, people used to search for a product by entering Google. But now, times have changed, people straightaway visit the marketplace platform and search the product they need and buy it directly from the marketplace place.


Another reason for visiting the C2C marketplace platform is to get services. All our day to day works can be done easily with the help of the online service providers. Services can be a plumbing work, transporting, health check-up, job listings and many more.


Online booking has been a greater boon to all of us. We can sit in our place and can book a room or dinner table or a cab or a flight. This is quite time saving and can be done round the clock instantly.

Why Zielcommerce Is the Best Fit for A C2C Marketplace of Any Scenario

Zielcommerce is a well-known C2C marketplace software that provides instant solution to the users. Zielcommerce is easy to deploy and possess all the essential features for running a C2C marketplace platform. Entrepreneurs can extend their business any time as Zielcommerce is completely scalable. All functionalities are possible with perfect customization. If you are a start-up then Zielcommerce is a perfect choice as it is quite economical in price.

Key features of Zielcommerce C2C marketplace platform

  • 70+ payment methods – let your users enjoy multiple payment options that will get you more conversions. You can even integrate many more payment gateways with the platform.
  • Well-framed shipping process – Zielcommerce is well integrated with reputed logistics that provide various shipping options. This ensures user that the products will be delivered on-time.
  • Powerful product management – sellers can arrange their products and can have a detailed description along with the product catalogue. This will increase the visibility of the product and get greater conversions.
  • Product validation – the admin can restrict the sellers not to sell certain products. Every time the seller needs to get the approval from admin to add the product. This will avoid all illegal selling and buying within the marketplace platform.
  • Seller location management – sellers can locate their area of functioning. This will help the buyers to filter the area they search for and can focus on the sellers who are nearby to them.
  • Customer support – Zielcommerce supports its customers by providing technical training on how to function the marketplace and you can get 24/7 support.
  • Reviews & ratings – users are allowed to review and rating the product that helps other users to know more about the quality of the product.


Always keep monitoring the market and the demand it has. Once you are set to start your own C2C marketplace, have a clear marketing strategy that works well for promoting your brand. Make use of the social media channels and run promotional campaigns to mark your online presence. Be a successful entrepreneur by utilizing your C2C marketplace platform effectively.

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