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Top 10 Tips for Social Media Optimization

Top 10 Tips for Social Media Optimization


By aggressively pursuing social media optimization, brands can expect to increase their followers, engagements, leads, sales and revenue generation targets from social media. Social Media Optimization also helps in building brand awareness and credibility in the industry niche.

In 2019, social media presence and posting is just not enough to guarantee results. If brands are not optimizing their social media performance, they are missing out. Even though social media is a great channel for promotion, connecting with users and branding, it has increased its scope dramatically in recent years.

Sales and revenue generation directly from social media platforms has now become a definite reality. If you are not getting sales from social, there is something wrong with your social media strategy. In this article, we will try to raise some important questions like-

  • Can social media optimization help increase my sales and revenues?
  • Is it possible to take help from data and insights to increase optimization?
  • What is the period for effectively putting all the optimizations in place?
  • Are there any social media tools, which can he used to increase optimization?

With millions of brand competing for consumers on social media, brands and creative agencies need to optimize for better performance.

In this article, we will look at the top ten tips for Social Media Optimization for brands.

Top 10 Tips for Social Media Optimization: The List

1.Integrating Social Media with Brand Website-

One of the core aims of any social media strategy is to redirect traffic from social to a website. It is essential that your social media pages carry your website links and your website mentions all your social links. This will help audiences visit your website if they are interested in what you are offering on social channels.

2. Keyword Optimization on Social Media-

Yes, keywords on social media work exactly in the same fashion as they do on search engines. It is important to align your content with the same keywords on search and social. A great way to optimize social media is to create content through keyword research. Keywords are very important when it comes to reach, ranking and visibility.

3. Experiment with different Content Types-

Simple stock images cannot give you the desired levels of engagement. It is important that the content types are diverse and created. This means that content on social media should be a mixture of static images, image albums, videos and GIFs. The more diversified your content; the better will be the engagement, performance, sales and revenues.

4. Focus on Stories and Live Sessions-

According to data from Facebook and Instagram, Live Sessions see the maximum organic reach on these platforms. This is followed by Stories. IGTV is a great way to display long videos to your follower base. By having regular stories and live sessions on your platform, you can gain access to a much larger audience base in terms of reach.

5. Use Data and Insights to Improve Posting Times-

Most brands do not bother to worry about the best practices of social media posting. Even though Instagram, Facebook and almost all platforms repeatedly give us crucial data. If your audiences are most active at eight in the evening, there is no point posting at ten in the morning. Data helps define posting times, demographics, geographies, best performing posts and so on.

6. Use Social Media Tools to increase Optimization-

Successful social media tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Angora Pulse and others are very helpful when it comes to social media optimization. From post scheduling to gathering data and insights, these tools help to ‘tighten-up’ your social media efforts. They also enable attributes like social sharing, report generation, best practices and a host of other beneficial activities.

7. Influencer Integration on Social Media-

Nearly every brand under the sun is using social media influencers to boost exposure and sales. Even if you are not a big brand, you can use nano influencers to give your profile and brand a much-needed boost. Nano influencers are great as they command high influence and authority among their followers. Try to pursue a long-term engagement with influencers, rather than a one-time thing.

8. Create Quality Content-

Social media is all about creating high quality content at all times. If your post is not visually rich, your social media performance will suffer. A proper content strategy that is attractive, informative and always mentions a CTA can encourage engagement, interactions, sales and revenues. This is why it is very important to have the best social media team for your business.

9. Social Listening, Response and Reputation Building-

One unanswered bad comment on social media can ruin a brand’s credibility for a long time. It can lead to tremendous losses in terms of sales as well. This is why you always need to pay attention to what is being said about the brand on social media. It is critical that brands respond to every single comment, like and mention on their pages and elsewhere.

10. Paid Promotions on Social Media-

Social media paid promotions and advertising is a great way to boost engagement on your page. Running small budget campaigns on social media from time to time can help sustain desired levels of engagement and traction. Most platforms are aggressively limiting organic reach. This is why every brand regardless of its size should run paid campaigns or boost posts from time to time.


Posting every single day without planning, strategy and data is not going to bring any brand great results from social media. Competition between brands is increasing. Every brand is trying to win over the same consumer. This is why social media optimization becomes very important for brands.

Can you think of some other social media optimization tips that we have missed in this article? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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