Building Savings (How to Make Your Money Grow in a Savings Account)

A comfortable, carefree life can be led only when there are the security and guarantee that comes with money. Everybody works hard to acquire skills and get a job to earn money. While earning money is essential, saving it too is. A handsome bank savings account is not built overnight. It takes years of hard work and careful savings to have that. To have a prosperous future, financial security and growth are important. 

How to make your money grow in a savings account

Saving your money is one thing, while working towards growing it entirely another. There is no magic trick to increase your savings, but there are ways to which you can commit yourself to see your savings grow. 

Limit your expenditure

Of course, you are earning money to spend it. But remember there are expenses that absolutely need to be done and there are those which you do just because you want to, which is okay once in a while. A pattern of reckless expenditure, however, will lead to your saving dwindling rapidly. You will see your money disappear after unnecessary things faster than you earn it. Therefore, exercise caution while spending. 

Build a budget

This is a very good way to limit your expenditure. Setting a limit on your monthly expenditure can help you to save money. You can make the use of a budget app for this purpose which will alert you once you start approaching the budget limit. Spending on a budget will need you to be able to differentiate between luxury and need and spend accordingly. Obviously, always being strict about not spending money will make you have a miserable life. So divide your monthly earning into three parts. Keep one part for saving, the second part for bills and such monthly expenditure and the third part to reward yourself. 

Clear your debts

Managing debt with responsibility will help to build your financial portfolio to a great deal. It is wise to limit spending on miscellaneous things while you are still in debt. You should absolutely refrain from taking a loan to pay off another loan. This is a vicious circle that will lead you down a debt rabbit hole. In this way, you might lose all your money. So, do not borrow what you can not payback. 

Choose banks with high-interest rates

The bank utilises your money for their financial purposes like giving loans and in exchange for that pays you a fee. That fee is called interest. Your deposits are unharmed, making this a good way to grow your savings. Choose banks where saving account interest rate is suitable and will lead to a growth in funds. 

Set goals and stick to them 

Assigning goals to your saving scheme is essentially giving purpose to yourself and the money you are working so hard to save. Maybe you want to buy a car or a home or maybe you want to go on a vacation you have been planning for a long time. Having a goal towards which you can build up to save money boosts your morale and sets your mind to the purpose. 

Make savings automatic

Sometimes you may set out to save money but eventually realise that you have spent all the amount on this or that simply because you forgot to save. Well, the good news is that you do not always have to remember to deposit the money in your savings account when you can utilise net banking to automatically deduct a part of your monthly savings and deposit it in the savings account. This way, you will remember without actually having to put any effort into making the deposit. 

Save the cash windfalls

These could be in the form of incentives or bonuses and you should save every penny from it. If you are used to living on a particular amount then the sudden influx of some more funds should not mean that your expenditures will suddenly increase. Use this extra money to grow your savings or repay any high-interest debts that you have. Repeating this process will lead to steady and fast growth in your savings and help you reach the goal faster. 

At the beginning of the career, the pay is generally on the lower side. Hence, you may feel like you do not have enough to save. It is true. However, the amount does not matter. What matters the most, is creating the habit of savings. This habit will help you in growing your savings. Furthermore, the earlier you start saving, the more will be your future savings. If you do not have any savings account yet, open your account today. All banks offer a wide range of savings account. Choose one and start saving for your future.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.