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WooCommerce is the widely used WordPress plugin in the e-commerce industry.

Today, building an online store using WooCommerce is like a breeze, thanks to countless plugins, templates, and features. Businesses of all sectors choose this platform to build dynamic e-commerce sites.

Are you planning to create an eyewear e-store with WooCommerce? If so, it is the best decision. The platform is easy to use, so you can get your digital store live faster. Also, it comes with numerous plugins, both general and eyewear-specific, like the eyeglasses lenses prescription plugin. As a result, you can customize your e-commerce site depending on your goals and needs. All it takes is to incorporate the necessary plugins.

However, it is easy to run into pitfalls if you use WooCommerce. Therefore, you need to be cautious throughout the development ran process. Lack of attention can make your e-store vulnerable to security threats or have performance issues. Below, we have listed common mistakes to avoid in your WooCommerce-built eyewear e-store.

Let us delve into common WooCommerce store errors.

Using an old version of WooCommerce

The downsides of using an outdated version of WooCommerce are not limited to the reduced efficiency of the store. But it can make your online eyewear store susceptible to hackers and online malware.

Most people make the mistake of not updating their online stores regularly. Running a business is not an easy victory. The owner has to be deal with numerous things. As a result, they miss out on keeping up with the timely WooCommerce updates. Also, many neglect it because they think it is not a big deal.

If you do not want to put confidential information and customers’ data at risk, keep a tab on the WooCommerce updates. Please remember, WordPress will alert you for every new feature and advancements.

Choosing defective-coded theme

With plenty of WooCommerce themes available in the market, it may be hard to find the right one. Keep in mind there are numerous eyewear stores in the digital ecosystem. So, make sure your e-store stands out among all. For this reason, you should look for a WooCommerce theme that suits your business goals and needs.

However, choosing the perfect e-store theme is not enough. You should avoid the mistake of using a defectively coded theme for your optical website. Are you wondering what will happen if I use a poorly coded website theme? Well, your optical store may face the following risks.

  • Inadequate performance and slow loading speed of your site.
    • Your database may get clogged because of excessive wasting of server resources.
    • Vulnerability to online hackers.
    • Untreatable errors can take a dig on your eyewear site.
  • Neglecting the System Status report

Not many people are aware of it, but the core plugin of WooCommerce comes with a System Status report. Now you know about it, so make sure you regularly check it. By doing so, you can safeguard your e-store from harmful system misconfigurations.

The best thing is you can access the System Status report with a few easy steps, such as:

  • Go to WooCommerce
    • Click the Status and System Status on the dashboard

Not setting locations

As long as you are not creating a global eyewear e-store, it is crucial to set your locations. Failing to do the same can bring things against you and your business reputation. Many people have neglected to configure the location settings of their WooCommerce e-stores. But this caused them a massive loss. To understand the consequences of this error better, read below.

For example, not mentioning locations in your store setting can give way to confusion. First, anyone across the globe can place an order. But if you do not deliver to particular places, you have to initiate a refund. Remember, the refunding process will not be as easy as you think. Therefore, setting the selling locations is of utmost importance.

Not adding filter options

Ultimate customer experience is the key to a successful business. Nowadays, people have a hectic schedule. Thus, they look for online solutions that are easy to use and navigate.

The best way to ensure effortless navigation in your WooCommerce store is by adding filter options. Your potential customers can choose options from the dashboard based on their needs and demands. If your eyewear store has a variety of products, you must include filter options.

Failing to create a sitemap

Another technical mistake most people make in their WooCommerce online stores is not creating a sitemap. Not only this, you need to submit the sitemap of your e-store to search engines. In the absence of a sitemap, your products may not appear in relevant searches. It is because Google and other search engines will not index and crawl your optical e-store. Besides this, you may face the following issues.

  • Your new product pages may become difficult to discover by your potential customers.
    • Webpage updates will not do any good to your online ranking.
    • You cannot include product images in search results.

Not have a back-up

Most people do not take backing up of their WooCommerse sites seriously. In the end, they have dealt with repercussions that worked against them. To avoid future regrets, you must back up your eyewear site regularly. There have been instances when websites crashed within seconds, or people have accidentally deleted files. You can incorporate plugins like BackWPup and Backupbussin to back-up your WooCommerce data automatically.

In closing

WooCommerce is the best e-commerce development platform, thanks to its fully-functionally features and plugins like glasses spec form. You should make the best of it by avoiding these technical mistakes in your WooCommerce shop. When you hire a WooCommerce developer, make sure they are familiar with these mistakes.

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