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One of the best advancements in technology is security alarm that alerts us in time of an emergency. It is always a wise choice to have security systems at home, commercial buildings, educational institutions, to avoid breakages and to burgle. There are many kinds of Bosch security alarm systems available in the market, with lots of features. This article discusses the working principle of security alarm systems, its features, and the top qualities it must possess for best performance.

Working principle of security alarm systems

The bosch security alarm system must have the following equipment:

  • Control panel
  • Sensors for doors and windows
  • Motion sensors
  • Security Camera
  • Siren or alarm
  • Signor signals

The security alarms systems have sensors at various places that are considered as prone to burglar entries. These sensors send a signal to the control panel when it detects some anonymous movements. These control panels are also placed at convenient places at home.

Features Of Security Alarm System

Control panel

The control panel of the Bosch security alarm system has a touch-sensitive keypad. Through that panel, the users will be able to access the camera features to enable or disable, can preset voice recognition. The panels alert the siren or alarm system when it identifies the anonymous movements of people around the building.

Sensors for doors and windows

For sensors to be placed at doors and windows, two parts have to be installed. One part of the sensor has to be placed at the door/ window, and the other part has to be placed at the door/window beam. The work of this sensor is to alert the control panel when the door is suddenly opened. When such an instance happens, the control panel will alert the alarm system to generate high decibel siren sound.

Motion sensors

The motion sensors in the Bosch security alarm are generally enabled for rooms with high-value assets inside a home, bank lockers, or any other room in the commercial buildings. When there is motion inside the room, it will alert the control panel to generate a high sound alarm for confirming the anonymous movements.

Security Camera

The surveillance camera requires special software to be installed on Desktop, Laptop, and Smartphone. The security camera is mostly used in educational institutions to view the activities of the students, staff, and other movements. In houses, it is used to see whether the kids have arrived home, or to assure of any deliveries or if the house owners will be away from home for one or two days, the camera can be activated for security reasons.

Siren or alarm

This part of the Bosch security alarm system gets activated when it finds any anonymous entries or anonymous movements. Its sound system is like it not only alerts the housemates; it also alerts the neighboring houses.

Sign or signals

Every security system company has its brand name and fame. If the company’s sticker is placed in front of the doors and windows, that will itself alert the burglars that building they are about to enter is highly secured.

Top Qualities Of Security Alert Systems

The following are the top qualities of best security alert systems. They are:

  • Different security alert systems for a usage
  • Even without power, the security system must work
  • The best security camera must have an IP rating of IP67
  • Discriminating between genuine and anonymous people
  • Remote access

This was a deep insight into working and top best qualities of the Bosch security alarm system. Hope it will help you make a right decision while purchasing one to protect your home from Bulgari.

By Anurag Rathod

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