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The choice is always ours- whether we want to stay ordinary or do something that can define us. The least you can do is create captivating looks and inspire people. How about you start with changing your eye colour and creating new looks? Begin with something as wild as all-black eyes by wearing Black Sclera contacts 22mm Lenses and dressing up as some wicked and witty character.

Go out of the box and be the next trendsetter!

Be the Next Showstopper

Be the showstopper and steal the spotlight on the next event. No matter what the event is, be it a birthday party, a school function, a concert, or a small gathering. Show the people your unique sense of style by dressing up in grunge style or some evil character- the choice is yours. We were hoping you could put on Black Sclera Contacts 22mm Lenses and create a mesmerizing look that can stun everyone.

Scleral Lenses and Halloween

Black Sclera contact 22mm Lenses are generally popular when Halloween’s around the bend, given the creepy impact they provide for your eye by covering your whole eye, including the eyeball and white part. Changing an individual’s eye shading and configuration can have an enormous impact on their character. It might make a more alarming impact when joined with a Halloween outfit and popping makeup business.

The Halloween looks that you can make of are parasitic zombies, witches, vampires, werewolves, skeletons, insane specialists, and medical caretakers.

At Halloween, everybody attempts their best to look as spine-chilling and spooky as possible, and Black Sclera contacts 22mm Lenses certainly help accomplish the objective.

Black Sclera contacts 22mm Lenses give your eye a blackout effect, which can look extraordinarily creepy and freaky impact. For the best possible results, use these black lenses with white face paint and black, red, and white outfit.

Make It a Group Thing

Do you have a theme party around the corner? Or is it 31st October already? Well, whatever it is, make small things big by inviting your friends and closed ones to play their role. Team up with your siblings, friends, or significant other and stick to one theme like dead humans, witches, or zombies and dress up in the same way. An entire freaky group entering a hall or event at the same time can surely make everyone’s head turns, and that’s what you want, right? So yeah, have all the attention by wearing these Black Sclera contacts 22mm Lenses and your favorite costume. It is your time to freak the people and steal the spotlight.

A Friendly Warning

Toddlers and aged people are very easy to scare! They are the easiest target on such occasions, but it is recommended not to play around with such innocent souls. In fact, find yourself a challenging target like your friends or those who enjoy freaky, creepy, and scary stuff. This way, you can let out your inner artist and show the world your creative style.

Spread the Magic with Black Eyes

These Black Sclera contacts 22mm Lenses guarantee to make your eyes look sharp, tense, and creative. They will give your eyes and your face structure an amazing and effective look, which is unquestionably all that you need on Halloween eve and theme parties. With them, your eyes will pop more, and will doubtlessly make everyone dazed. These lenses will assist you in making many looks that can make you look blunter and freaky. They likewise give your eyes a trace of anime eye’s characters-which is another motivation to get them.

Full Eye Coverage

Black Sclera contacts 22mm Lenses will cover your whole eyes, deserting no white spot. Isn’t it somewhat hard to process? But it sure will help you create spine-chilling looks.

How Will I see in Black Sclera Contacts 22mm Lenses?

Ok, don’t stress; having blackout eyes doesn’t mean your vision will be blocked, or you won’t have the option to see anything or consider everything to be dark. They are basically transparent in nature, and you can see everything through them, just the way you naturally see. However, a person looking at you can easily assume that you are blind- and this is what makes these lenses more fun. You can easily prank whoever you want to, and they won’t even doubt you.

Looks to Create With Black Sclera Contacts 22mm Lenses

Here are some of the most attention-grabbing looks that you can create with the help of these lenses and stun everyone.


In movies, legends, and computer games, we have all observed vampires with overwhelming and frequenting eyes. Also, many of the characters are involved in fights, etc. leading them to have bruised eyes. You can create any one of your favorite looks by putting on Black Sclera Contacts 22mm Lenses, a similar costume, and makeup. However, the best choice to go with is to dress up like vampires are Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time.


The insane dead zombies in film and photography frequently have an assortment of looks, much the same as people would, aside from they are dead! You may see them with blackout eyes. A zombie look is unquestionably one that you could repeat with our exceptional bruised eye to eye connection focal points.

Anime Characters-

There are numerous anime characters with bruised and black eyes, making it easy for people to recreate their looks simply putting on Black Sclera contacts 22mm Lenses.

Evil Spirits-

At whatever point you see an evil spirit with all-black eyes and want to have eyes like them, get up and put on Black Sclera contacts 22mm Lenses and create a similar look by wearing a costume and makeup like them.


You can dress up as animals and birds too- It is beautiful in its own way. Style up as an owl or crow by wearing these lenses and a costume that features feathers and beak etc.

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