WhatsApp Marketing chrome extension

Whatsapp marketing is a great process if you want to provide your clients with immediate and personalized experiences. Send automated responses, offer support even when you’re not working, and make sure your message doesn’t get buried in their inbox.

WhatsApp marketing solutions save time by allowing businesses to respond to client concerns and address issues more quickly. Chatbots can mix consistency with a personalized approach to keep real agents from becoming fatigued.

You’ll need accessibility to¬† WhatsApp Business API or one of the WhatsApp Chrome Extensions to start utilizing WhatsApp for marketing. Choosing an official system solution is the most stress-free method to go about it, so here’s a guide that can help you pick the best one for your company. You can’t go wrong with any of the WhatsApp marketing software tools on our list because they all have excellent reviews. Let’s have a look at it more closely!

Marketing tool for WhatsApp

  1. Rocketsend.io

Now you can easily click the ‘Install Chrome Extension’ button, and quickly install the extension. After you’ve installed the Rocket Send WhatsApp extension, you should notice a button on the upper left of the website that allows you to send bulk messages. Rocketsend is a WhatsApp Marketing chrome extension, an effective way to engage with your customers. You can send updates and other messages. 

  1. Trengo

Trengo is also another feature-rich multimedia platform that allows you to manage all of your discussions in a single inbox, as well as answer emails & phone calls. Any popular channel can be added to Trengo, and for now, we’ll stick with WhatsApp.

These are some of the authorized WhatsApp partners Trengo provides that will link your inbox to the authorized WhatsApp Business API. With only one click, you may collaborate with your team & assign conversations. Additional comments may also be added to the chats to assist your team members in picking up where you left off.

  1. Twilio 

Twilio is a popular (API) application programming interface provider for communication services. Thus it can be used as WhatsApp Automation technology for a variety of scenarios and enterprises of all sizes.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that can be built or done with Twilio’s APIs. You can do the following with Twilio:

  • Customize chatbot designs, integrate intelligent assistants, & incorporate live agent hand-offs.
  • Create & manage WhatsApp message layouts with an approval status that is automatically updated;
  • Obtain real-time delivery analytics as well as engagement metrics.
  • Quick responses, logic-based menus, including a call to action buttons can help you save time.
  • WhatsApp allows you to transmit and receive pictures, audio, PDFs, and locations.
  • Twilio’s infinite built-in tools & integrations allow you to scale the communications as needed.
  1. Sparkcentral 

Sparkcentral by Hootsuite is a full-featured customer service platform that can handle all of your important communication channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, SMS, and more. You can easily manage all of your social media pages & customer service platforms with this platform.

Sparkcentral was designed to assist businesses with a messaging-first approach in dealing with high message volumes. There’s no need to go through one window to the next because you can see some of the active channels for one spot. Your brand receives a consolidated queue of social queries and comments. You can sort and rank them according to their urgency, content, and significance.

  1. Wati 

Wati is another popular WhatsApp marketing tool. However, it’s limited to WhatsApp and can’t be used for other platforms. It makes switching to this tool much easier, and you won’t have to pay further for things you won’t use.

  1. Landbot

Landbot bills itself as the easiest no-code chatbot builder on the market, but it also includes a multi-agent inbox, as well as notifications & campaign manager. It’s a robust platform where you may locate a ready-to-use customizable bot tailored to your exact requirements.

  1. 360dialog

360dialog is a straightforward and cost-effective WhatsApp marketing tool that you can use right away. Respond to WhatsApp conversations directly from the platform of respond.io using this integration. It comes with everything you’ll need to get started texting your consumers and answering their queries and requests on a large scale.


Here on least cluttered channels, conversational marketing is a wonderful approach to cut through all the noise & build a fresh connection with your audience. Its regulations are less set in stone than those of other channels. You can play around with your voice tone to create each activity for the audience or provide round-the-clock support.

By Anurag Rathod

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