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DIC OIL TOOLS is a Stop Collar Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. These are is a cost-effective tool to prevent. It is used to hold centralizer or cement baskets on any situation of casing. These are robust steel designs can withstand high axial forces. DIC Stop Collar is easy to install as it simply slides onto the casing. The main purpose of these stop collar is to keep centralizer and other casing attachment in right place on the casing. DIC OIL TOOLS offers various range of Stop Collar with the top of the world high quality and technology. The types of stop collar combines two parts and are hinged.

Following are some of the Most Important Types of Stop Collar:

Hinged Spiral Nail Stop Collar:

These are combining in two pieces and hinged at two-end making and angle of 180 degree. This Stop Collar has an internal groove into. These are also available in 4 ½ to 20” sizes, which a spiral-locking pin is inserted. It is tighten the collar to the casing firmly. Hinged Spiral Nail Stop Collar is easy to install and most effective. It can be mainly used in both upset and non-upset casing to supply maximum clearance during rotation. It can be also observe on the casing pipe without having to be supplied on. This Stop Collar are availabl e in all sizes ranging from 4 ½ to 20. 


1. High Material Strength

2. Accurate Dimensions

3. Rust Resistance

Hinged Bolt Stop Collar for Casing Centralizer:

It is designed in single collar and the set screws which are provide on the outer circle of the periphery. It is also tighten draws the stop collar into a friction grip around the boundary of the pipe. The Stop Collar is direct install on the pipe by slipping on the casing without any difficult. These are used in place where high axial loads are expected. Stop Collar is available sizes range from 4 ½ to 20” sizes. It has also good impact and fatigue capability.


1. Quick and Easy Installation

2. It is suitable for Subcritical annular tolerance

3. It can be installed on any position on the casing

Hinged Set Screws Stop Collar:

We are a Hinged Set Screws Stop Collar Manufacturer based in Ajman, UAE. It is used to hold the casing and other attachments of the centrifuges in place. These are made of two pieces and hinged at the two ends making part of 180 degrees. Our Stop Collar is offer superior holding capability with easy to install. We have also available any special Sizes on customer requirements. These are also used for increasing holding forces. 


1. Easy Installed to Casing

2. Offer superior holding capability and easy installation

3. This kind of Stop Collar can removed the wellbore stone and makes the mud flow easily.

Slip on Set Screw Stop Collar:

Stop Collar use one row of set screws to include the gripping force. These are mainly used that where high axial loads are hope and tighten the collar to the casing firmly. Easy to install because it is slides on the casing pipe without any hassle. It is a undergo a special phosphate coating process to prevent corrosion and are then coated with a special polyester powder. The Stop Collars use one row of set screws to induce the gripping force. 


1. Offers very high holding performance.

2. High axial load ability

3. Enormous contact surface area

Slip on Set Screw Ductile Iron Stop Collar:

DIC OIL TOOLS is a Slip on Set Screw Ductile Iron Stop Collar Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE.  This Stop Collar has premium quality bows that have a high restoring force with uniform rigidness all over.  They come with a direct installation pipe denote for slipping on. It can never be smooth by cause of single piece centralizer. These are available in all size. It has a high tensile power, absorption shock value.


1. High Tensile Strength

2. High Restoring Force Uniform Hardness

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