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If you imagine the white, sandy beaches kissing the crystal-clear cyanic waters on Emerald Isles then forgive me!!! You have no option but the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. These islands can even transform your uncomfortable mood into an adventurous mood since they give you a variety of pelagic activities. And so, in the pagan emerald world, you’re out… And when you enter the fierce history of the reputed cellular jail that is now a World Heritage Site and a memorial for the prisoners (Libertad-fighters) of the Indian Independence Movement, your young-dove-judo figure will find a treasure trove of the perk.

The original residents have no halo of vehement apostasy in their indigenous cultural life. Some of the tribes have disappeared from their homelands as a result of uneven deforestation and only a handful of others, the Jawara and the Sentinelese, have been knock-down and drag out in nature to survive outside the world. The Indians and immigrants from Myanmar and Sri Lanka are the other people living in the heathen harmony. In these mystical islands, a treasure chest is simply waiting for you.

In the middle of the sylvanic ambiance, the dolphins and varied tortoises like The Green Sea Turtle, The Hawksbill Turtle, The Leather Back Turtle, and The Olive Ridley Turtle have rejuvenated again from grizzled imagery and a trail to the small shoal of coral reefs and adhere to a colorful world of sprinking hues. If you’re in sposh-gosh nature, then globefish and poisonous sea snacks like Laticauda colubrine and Sea Krait are on the verge of getting to know you. The “real life” of Andaman is these reptiles.

1. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Radhanagar is an exhibition beach in Andaman that is one of the must-visit beaches on the western shore of Havelock Island, and was labeled “Asia’s Best Beach” in 2004 by TIME Magazine. The pure and composed ambiance, far from tourist bumper, is perfect for those long walks in the ideal sunset covering a horizon with white and silky sand glowing under turquoise blue waters. Radhanagar Beach is also known for hosting activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving that allow adventurers to explore the colorful world of the sea.

2. Ross and Smith Island Beach

Another rugged beach in Andaman… rolling beach lovers from all over the world…is its unmatched and paradisian beauty at Ross and Smith, a natural sandbar that connects the two lonely islands. A few nautical kilometers from Diglipur Jetty, Ross and Smith Island beach, allows you to enjoy boat rides along the crystal-clear, green-blue water. It’s a haven for entertainment, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and plunging.

3. Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island

One of Andaman’s favorite beaches is Laxmanpur Beach which is near the beach of the Bharatpur. You will have enough time and space to enjoy privacy on your journey to Andaman, even in the high season. Laxmanpur Beach is longer and wider than Bharatpur Beach, so it’s ideal for a long walk.

4. Lalaji Bay Beach, Long Island

Lalaji Beach Lalaji Bay is another quiet and spectacular beach in Andaman tour packages located on the west coast of Long Island which is well connected by the ferry lines from Rangat, Middle Andaman. You have to rent dunghis or walk through a mangrove river for over an hour in order to get to the beach of Lalaji Bay from Long Island jetty.

5. Guitar Island Beach

The long, narrow, creamy beach of Guitar Island, which can only be accessed from Long Island Jetty via dunghi, is one of the least-traveled beaches in Andaman. This beach provides an excellent escape for couples looking for privacy and trying to construct romantic ideals and attitudes that are impractical.

6. Wandoor Beach, Port Blair

While it’s one of Andaman’s most popular beaches… The beach of Wandoor is still famous for its panoramic view, ideal for swimming and sightseeing. In the vicinity of Beach Wandoour… there are about 15 small nearby islands including Jolly Buoy, boat, Alexandra, Red Skin and Tarmugli that can be dived and dived in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and explore the wonderful coral world.

7. Amkunj Beach, Rangat

Ranger’s Amkunj Beach is one of India’s best eco-tourist resorts managed by Rangat’s forest officials under DFO guidance (Divisional Forest Officer). Being one of the nesting tortoise beaches in Andaman, the beach at Amkunj attracts many eco-friends. Near the beach is Eco-Park which offers a friendly atmosphere with eco-hut, trunk benches, log cupboards and log cupboards.

By Anurag Rathod

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