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There is a high demand for TIG welder’s precision welding efficiency, which means there are a lot of options to choose from online, especially for under $ 1,000. Our top six ratings provide insight into their capabilities and effectiveness across the entire TIG spectrum.  

Deciding which welder to purchase is often a challenge when its prices vary and it offers many different features. Lots of people want to try a few welders first and see which one they like, but most of us never get that chance. However, for you here is a better one than a free welding experience. We have verified the reviews of hundreds of people who have used these welders for many years. With many honest opinions, we clearly understand the true capabilities of the Hamsters.

Most welders can do their best in the first test, but performance over time shows its true value. Read these reviews of our research and get the information you need for your next welding business selection.


PRIMEWELD TIG225X is the BEST AC / DC TIG Welder under $ 1000. It has a wide current range of 225A, so you can easily weld thicker TIG clips. There are a variety of settings that allow you to customize your welder for whatever type of weld you need.

The foot pedal gives you more control during the welding process to change the current manually. However, it is not the most comfortable pedal on the market. It also has impulse arc capabilities if you want to move the weld, and you can activate a raise or lower function if the pedal is not to your liking.

Overall, this welder is a great option with the widest range of features in the under $ 1000 range. We recommend it to new and experienced TIG holders.

Everlast PowerTIG 185 DV AC/DC

Looking for a good MIG TIG bar welding machine for you? The 2019 Everlast TIG Rod Welder is easy to use for all professional welders. Forget the job and if you are someone who is welding and want to get your job done with the least amount of hassle, this is the job you need to learn about.

It’s a hands-on kid with dual flow control. You can run it at the lowest 5 Amps of DC current to perform the simpler tasks. While you may have to work at the highest wattage for a large project, you can set the wattage to 10 amps to run the device on AC voltage.

The design is compact reflector. This gives you the lightest TIG welder for the toughest cutting jobs. Its switch is based on IGBT  which means it works great and easy via on / off control switch when you buy best tig welder under 1000.

Because it has TIG and STICK functions. Similar to the flexibility of TIG, this welder also works better with a STICK job. Users can have complete control with their hands while welding. It is the best TIG bar welding machine user can weld hard. Most of the time, the user has lost control. And this stick welder never allows its users to lose control.

Its stable arc is suitable for AC or DC voltage source. Either way, you will get the best stability for the arc. If you want to work with DC, you can set the current unit as low as you like. Other than that, the AC unit provides the user with the possibility to work with super current.

AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG Welder

AlphaTIG 200X is an AC / DC TIG welder and rod welder with 200Hz pulse width modulation for controllable bead width focus. It works at twice the input power of 120/240 volts. AlphaTIG 200X provides adjustable 30-70% AC current balance, which cleans out oxidation from aluminum and at the same time provides good penetration of welding beads.

It has a high one AC TIG range from 10-200A at 240V and up to 140A at 120V. AHP AlphaTIG 200X developed with non-contact high-frequency arc starting which prevents tungsten electrode contamination.

The Flex Hose WP17 burner uses American standard parts and has an optional burner temperature control. That’s a nice touch because the included thermal control pedal has some shoddy gears.Here is a good switch that acts as a lock.

Lincoln LE31MP TIG Welding 

The Lincoln Electric LE31MP is a lightweight, advanced, multi-operation, DC machine operating at 120V. This welder has DC TIG, MIG, arc and flux core welders. Its power is 30-140 amps and the machine is ready for MIG aluminum welding. The Spool Gun is optional with an additional cost, but no special coupling kit is required. Simply attach the bobbin gun and activate the bobbin gun switch at the front.

LE31MP welds 24 panels measuring up to 5/16 inch. The cast aluminum gearbox is fully encapsulated and has a multi-stage design for convenience and reliability. Lincoln developed tool-less pulley tension adjustment and wire spool change. TIG welding foot pedal costs more, so machines know by himself when a foot pedal is attached.

Lincoln equips this machine with soft arc starting technology that helps reduce electrode sticking while working. An electrical clamp and a 10-foot cable are included. It also comes with a two-scale Harris gas regulator for argon / carbon dioxide mixtures.

Amico TIG160-DC TIG-Welder

The Amico TIG160-DC has twice the 120/240 volt input power and weighs only 26 lbs. Features such as stroke type arc starting, 60% duty cycle at 160 amps, and soft arc setting are unknown in this class.

The minimum 20 amps is cold enough to run on a 24 gauge sheet of metal, while the 160 amps burns on the other end of a 3/4 inch steel sheet.

Although you will need to purchase a foot controller and regulator, the TIG160-DC includes a TIG starter and a 13-foot electrode clamp. Work floor clamp very useful 10 feet long.

As a pure DC welder, it is not practical for manufacturing aluminum, but with a wide current range and rod welding capabilities, the Amico TIG160-DC is a very attractive purchase for its price.

TIG DCs with a range of 20-160A and 240V are hard to believe in this price range, which is why we chose TIG160-DC as our budget option.

By Anurag Rathod

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