Ted Lasso Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the one day of the year when it is OK to dress up as hot versions of odd pop culture celebrities and beg for candy or get inebriated. However, for soccer enthusiasts who are confused about what to dress up as this Halloween, we have some Ted Lasso Jacket or Halloween costume ideas specifically for you.

Best Ted Lasso Halloween Costumes for One Person

Ted Lasso

This one is self-explanatory and may be the simplest to execute. All you need is a fantastic mustache (or a fake one), a blue tracksuit, and plenty of practice with your Kansas accent and cute aphorisms. Extra points if you wear a white visor, circular sunglasses, or an AFC Richmond jersey. If you do not have a tracksuit, you may wear khakis and a polo/sweater mix.

Rebecca Welton

To be honest, this one may be the most difficult to pull off because actor Hannah Wadding ham has such a strong presence as Rebecca. The costume, on the other hand, is straightforward: dress up like a badass bitch and carry about a little pink box of cookies. Blonde hair is required to complete the appearance, but otherwise, just dress fancy like the one she does, whether it is a power suit or a dress, and you are set; maybe wear some high-heeled shoes if you are short. All else is in her demeanor, from her flawless stance to her bright grin.

Coach Beard

Coach Beard has a basic, sleepy appearance that is ideal for anyone looking for a last-minute Halloween costume. You will need sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a beard (or a fake one) to complete the look. There are a quite different options for attire. The most straightforward option is a blue tracksuit. Alternatively, if you want to go thrifting, you may opt for his “Beard after Hours” style, which can only be bought at secondhand stores.

Sharon Fieldstone

Sharon’s costumes may be more niche and difficult to identify, but she is such a fascinating character that we had to include her. Wearing a white bike helmet and a jacket with a yellow lanyard around the neck and long earrings is the greatest way to be identified as Sharon. A foldable (or any) bike would complement the suit, although this may not be possible. This is a friendly reminder that blackface is not acceptable.

Trent Crimm, The Independent!

Trent is a fantastic outfit for enthusiasts of the printed word. Trent’s outfit requires a stunning head of black hair with silver streaks. You will also need a professorial jacket and a crimson lanyard. Glasses, whether on the face or in the front jacket pocket, earn extra points.

Arlo White

The real-life announcer who plays “Ted Lasso” for Richmond has one of the most famous voices in American soccer. While his outfit is not simple to reproduce as a costume, thick-rimmed spectacles and a suit with a sweater under the coat are. One word of caution: if you even say the name “Arlo White” on Twitter, he will come after you.

Must Try Ted Lasso Halloween Costumes for Couples

Roy and Keeley

I expect to see many Reedley costumes this year, as they are the most adored pair in the entire “Ted Lasso” series. For Roy, choose black. That was completely black. A beard and fantastic hair, yet both are black. I do not care what he labels it black. Its Keeley prefers young ensembles and huge hair. Keeley is one of the few characters together with Rebecca that has a large wardrobe, so you will have plenty of options, ranging from leopard-print gowns to perky power suits. Together with large hoop earrings, you will need a massive ponytail to truly stand out as Keeley.

Rebecca and Sam

Rebecca and Sam were one of the most adorable couples on the show. We have previously discussed Rebecca, and for Sam, you could simply dress like a Richmond player, but I do not believe that is the greatest option. If you are dressing up as Rebecca and Sam, both outfits should appear as they did on their first date when Sam wore a jacket over a turtleneck, and Rebecca wore a lovely pink dress. There will be no blackface this time.

Ted and Coach Beard

Ted’s friendship with Coach Beard, in my opinion, is the greatest and most undervalued relationship in “Ted Lasso.” They are constantly there for one other in ways that should not be overlooked. It is not a sexual connection like the previous two on our list, but who said all Halloween costumes had to be about sex? Because they are such a nice couple, this makes a terrific Ted Lasso Halloween couples costume, regardless of gender. Another choice is Ted and Flo, although that one may require some explanation because Sassy does not have a distinct style as much as she does distinct mannerisms.

Roy and Phoebe

If you are a parent or guardian seeking nice pair of costumes, “Ted Lasso” has two alternatives. The first involves Rebecca and her goddaughter Nora, while the second involves Roy and his niece Phoebe. Roy, once again, is simple: simply wear black and have a copy of “A Wrinkle in Time” with you. Wear a bunch of pinks, throw your hair back in a double ponytail, and say, “fuck” as much as your Roy will let you.

Rupert and Bex

For those couples who want to come up to a party and make everyone detest them, I recommend dressing up as Rupert and Bex. I believe the archetypal Rupert is his white tuxedo with a black bowtie from the yearly charity gala. To go with a somewhat receding head of grey hair and a costly suit will suffice. You will need a subtle yet form-fitting gown for Bex, as well as a mood that screams, “Everyone knows I’m seeing Rupert for his money, and I don’t care.” Jason Sudeikis is said to be dating Bex star Keeley Hazell in real life.

Best Ted Lasso Halloween Costumes for Groups

Baz, Jeremy, and Paul

If you have three people who want to participate in one costume, you cannot go wrong with the charming threesome of fans that is Baz, Jeremy, and Paul. These costumes are all rather simple: simply dress like Richmond fans, whether in a cap, shirt, or scarf. Mix & mix as you like. One can have wavy hair, another can have terrible bangs, and the third can wear a hat. No blackface for Paul, as always. If you have four individuals, feel free to bring After Hours Beard or Mae, the badass Crown & Anchor bartender.

Leslie and Julie Higgins

We could not write about “Ted Lasso” without discussing the much-loved Higgins. You can make this outfit suit up to eight people with a wife, five boys, and a now-dead 20-year-old cat, giving you plenty of leewaleeways. Lie only needs a dull brown suit, round spectacles, and a perpetual grin. You may dress Julie up with a huge coat and medium-length hair. We do not get to see the lads very often, so collect a bunch of Richmond shirts and Christmas hats to recreate this Christmas card. In addition, the oldest gets to be a priest, although a groovy sort, if such a thing exists.

There are many other options for Halloween costumes out there, out of which Leather Jackets are more common for specific Halloween.

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