Best Student Accommodation in Lincoln

The University of Lincoln is a fabulous place to learn how to survive adulthood and live on your own. With excellent university ranking, beautiful city vibes, and extremely friendly locals, Lincoln is a student-favourite hub with an impressive standard of life. However, finding a student accommodation in Lincoln can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. If you’re going to the University of Lincoln, Lincoln College, or Bishop Grosseteste University, we’re going to help you find the best student accommodation in Lincoln, UK in just a couple of steps.

Create Your List of Priorities!

Students who move overseas for university often find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to finding the right place to stay. But some pointers can accelerate the long process. Start by writing down all the things you would ideally like in your own student accommodation Lincoln. Include things like location, how much time you’d be willing to spend on commuting to university each day, what amenities you would like to have, and everything else you believe matters to you. If you want that flat screen tv in your room, put that down!

Explore the Different Room Types

This is probably your first house hunt and you’ll be surprised to see the different kinds of rooms out there! Do you want a private room? Is a luxury student accommodation important to you or can you make do with a shared room?

There are several pros as well as cons to having a shared student accommodation, but they are a go-to option for those who are living on a budget and who don’t mind living with a roommate. Private student accommodations are usually more expensive but they give you your own space and offer better living conditions than others. Most luxury student accommodations are built to meet the needs of students and property owners provide the grandest amenities like gyms, swimming pools, cinema rooms, spacious communal spaces, and much more.

Figure Out Your Budget

Okay, time to be realistic, folks! Preparing a budget will help you manage your expenses and you will thank yourself in the future! Calculate how much you will be able to spend each month on your student accommodation rent and any additional expenses you may incur like utility bills, guarantor fees, initial deposits and down payments.

The average shared student accommodation will cost you around £127 per week and can increase depending on your room preference. Most student accommodation providers will also expect you to have a guarantor if you want to pay your rent in instalments. Once you’ve planned your rental expenses, you can begin shortlisting your favourite accommodations!

Research the Locality

Now that you’ve found the best student accommodation in Lincoln (hurrah!), it’s time to do a little more research. Find out more about the locality, neighbourhood, crime and theft rate. Lincoln is a relatively safe city, but it helps to read online reviews about the accommodation and use apps like Google Maps and Earth to explore the neighbourhood digitally to find the closest supermarket, hospital, transport links, and cafes and pubs.

Book Your Room

Once you know what you want and have found your shared student accommodation, it’s time to book! If you have additional questions about your room or the property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the accommodation provider. Ask about the total cost of renting a room including the bills, deposits, and guarantor and document requirements.

Before you commit to private student accommodation in Lincoln, make sure you do thorough research as you will have to spend most of your time there. Remember to read the fine print and all contracts before signing into an agreement with your landlord or accommodation provider, and always ask to arrange a viewing.

By Anurag Rathod

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