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In today’s world, crime rates are growing year-on-year, which is why home security has become imperative for most people.

Criminals not only cause damage to your home but can also disturb your family’s peace of mind. This is why homeowners are nowadays investing to find out ways to reinforce their home security. In order to fortify your home, it is suggested by many experts of home security screens in Melbourne to install arobust door to the entry of your home.

In an event of a break-in, your first line of defence is your front door. Most intruders seek out for potential houses with weak entrance doors. Therefore, it is important that you seriously consider installing a highly reliable security door.

But, the question that might pop in your head is how to choose a safe and secure entrance door? Well, there are many effective ways that can help you find and install crime-safe custom security doors in Melbourne. We have compiled some tested-and-proven tips and techniques in this comprehensive guide. Let’s have a look:

1.Install high-quality door locks

One of the simplest yet effective ways to secure your entrance door is by investing in high-quality door locks. You can consider options like double cylinder deadlocks or dead latches. These lock options are very solid and can’t be opened without using a key.

2.Look for security grills

It is recommended that you install a robust security grill door at the entrance of your home. This type of security door is pretty much impenetrable and will definitely minimise vulnerabilities to intruders and break-ins.

3.Choose a sturdy frame

There is no use of a strong and solid front door if its frame is weak. So, it’s important you make sure your door frame is strong and sturdy. Your door should be strongly attached to it by well-built metal hinges. This will make your entrance door very difficult to kick off the frame.

Now that you know how to secure your front door, the subsequent step is to invest in the right security door.

For that, you need to make sure your security door meets your requirements. Though selecting the best security door for your entrance from a myriad of options is pretty overwhelming, a little research can help you ease the task.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you select the security door for your home’s entrance.   

1.Choose the material wisely

Security doors are mainly made of steel and aluminium. Both of those material options are sturdy and stylish. Many homeowners prefer steel to aluminium because steel is considerably strong and durable material than aluminium. If safety and security is your main concern, you should opt for a highly secured front door made of steel.

2.Go for a licensed security door installer

It is crucial to ensure that your security door is installed by a licensed installer. You can ask the company to confirm that you are buying an accredited security door. Also, check that you are buying a security door from a reputable company by going through their reviews and portfolio.

3.Check the warranty

Your security door installer should provide you with a warranty for the product you purchase. This means that your security door should have at least 12 months warranty period. Don’t look for a cheap or a pre-made option because the money you thought you saved can be blown by its poor quality. So, buy a good-quality security door with a warranty.  

4.Don’t overlook locks, handles and hinges

Locks, handles and hinges play a very important role in securing your front door. You should go with a supplier who offers security doors consisting of locks and handles made by quality brands. Also, a good security door should always use a welded-on pin hinge. Your front door may be the first impression on your guests, but more importantly, it plays a vital role in keeping your family safe and secure. Overlooking its importance in your home is not a good idea. Make a move and enhance your home security by installing robust security doors in Melbourne.  

Summary: Selecting the right security door for your entrance from so many options can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. However, with the help of this comprehensive guide, you can easily make the smartest selection for your front door. 

By Anurag Rathod

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