React.JS technology is used to power 3.3% of the websites available on the internet. The frontend JS library is used at scale for building complex applications to single-page apps. The declarative nature, server-side support, modular structure, components reusability, and virtual DOM of React.JS makes the library a perfect fit for building high-performant, usable applications at speed.

All of these features bring a plethora of benefits to the businesses. Say React facilitates dynamic application development in reduced time, cost, and effort. Additionally, making changes, debugging errors, and app maintenance becomes a breeze. Businesses hire remote React developers to build the application using a standard, stable, and scalable React.JS library.

The rising demand for React.JS library for app development has exploded ReactJS developers in the IT landscape. However, the widespread availability of JS developers has created many options for the business which makes it difficult to choose and hire the best team of React developers. If you are the one who is looking for highly qualified React developers you reached the right place.

The guide would walk you through the steps on how to hire remote ReactJS developers that have rich expertise and experience in developing attractive and engaging apps. Let’s dive in!

How can businesses hire the best React developers? A step-by-step guide

For building excellent applications using React, businesses should opt for remote React developers that have the required skill sets, understand the project vision, and stay abreast of the latest technologies and trends. Here’s the guide that helps in understanding the capabilities of the React developers while eliminating the mistakes that occur during hiring.

Figure out business goals

The foremost step is to identify what you want to achieve with React web app development. You should figure out the primary and secondary business goals that you want to fulfill through the React application. 

Document React development needs

Before you start looking for the ReactJS development team, the business stakeholders should document the features they require in the application. It helps in deciding how many experts with niche skills are required.

Shortlist React developers

Post-identification of business goals and creating a list of features, the business will jump on the developers’ hiring bandwagon. Here businesses can search for freelancers on social media and developer portals or opt to hire from a leading IT service provider. Opting for remote developers from service-providing companies as compared to freelance developers is more beneficial.   

The businesses go through the quotes shared by the React development service providers. Later, the portfolio of the companies is also asked for and reviewed to know the quality of the project built and support and maintenance services provide.

Keep time zone differences in mind

When businesses hire React developers located in countries with different time zones, then communicating and collaborating with the team becomes difficult. The developers should be asked if they are flexible to work and fix the working hours they will be available and accordingly utilize the time for meetings. The possibilities for time overlap must be pre-determined so that there will be no conflict at the later stage.  

Check pricing options

When a React developer is shortlisted based on the skills and experience, businesses need to decide how they want to engage with the company using a specific pricing model. The companies generally provide a fixed-cost, hourly-based, and dedicated developer model. Based on the project type and budget needs, businesses can choose the pricing model. Businesses can review the offers from different companies and compare which fits well with their budget.

Interview React.JS developers

Not to forget, analyzing the technical skills of React developers is important as React.JS knowledge and experience in working with various tools and libraries is an important criterion. Remote React developers must be well-versed in working with SQL and NoSQL databases, code versioning systems, HTML and CSS technologies, back-end technologies, cloud-computing platforms, MVC design, React.JS workflows, React styling methods, and other frameworks. Besides, the React development team should be good at writing code, testing, debugging, and troubleshooting.  

Onboard the right developers

Technical skills assessment is not enough to onboard the team when they pass the technical round of interviews. Consider soft skills assessment as a vital part of ReactJS development. React.JS developers must have good communication skills, a solution-oriented mindset, time management skills, and adaptability skills that enable them to work like a pro.

The slip-ups to avoid while hiring React.JS developers

Great teams build great apps. It indicates the React.JS developers’ hiring process must be completed with precision as one dirty fish can contaminate the pond. Here, we have enlisted three mistakes that businesses generally make during React.JS developers’ selection.

Giving credence to only technical knowledge

Technical proficiency in React.JS is important for coding the best app, but selecting the company based on tech stack prowess is not a feasible option. In addition to technology skill assessment, focusing on soft skills is equally important.

Completing the hiring process in a hurry

When there’s a project that businesses want to launch in a timeframe of 1-2 months, they try to select the candidate as early as possible. This hurry in the hiring process may end up selecting developers who are not performing at par. Carefully scan the portfolio, screen the candidate, and assess soft skills for the best results.

Assess other skills related to the development

Technological knowledge of only React.JS is not enough for app development. The React.JS developers must be proficient in using other related technologies such as Redux, GraphQL, Webpack, and third-party integrations.


The development team can make or break the app’s success. So is the case with React development wherein hiring the best ReactJS developer is a daunting task. That’s where following the steps mentioned in the guide would help in partnering with the right company with reduced time and money investment.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.