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7 Best Places to Visit in Buenos Aires for First time Visitors

7 Best Places to Visit in Buenos Aires for First time Visitors

Are you a newbie in traveling around the world? You don’t have any idea of where you should visit during your summer vacations? Don’t worry! When you have us. 

For starters, Buenos Aires can be a suitable place to spend some memorable moments with close ones. It is not hard to explore a location, you just have a mere idea of where you are heading. That’s all it takes for a journey. Pack your bags and grab your maps, the beautiful city of Buenos Aires is waiting for you!!

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Tour the President’s Pink House: Casa Rosada

Built in Italianate-style, this mid-1800s building has some lovely and catchy vibes. Once you visit to watch the charm of Casa Rosada, you will get carried away by its fascinating beauty. Officially known as Casa de Gobierno, the Pink House is home to impressive collections including exhibits and artifacts dating back to colonial times when Spain was a ruler on half the continent in its Casa Rosada Museum.

Visit the Recoleta Cemetery

One of the most visited sites of Buenos Aires, Cementerio de la Recoleta or the Recoleta Cemetry, a resting place for some illustrious Argentinians. Favorite among locals and tourists, the cemetery is a testament that Argentinians continue to honor their family members’ birthdays and deathdays alike. 

Urge your family, they should also pay a visit to this historic cemetery and know about various personalities that are resting beneath their graves. 

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Explore the Caminito Street Museum

An amazing place for art lovers!! The Caminito Street Museum showcases the art pieces that are worth capturing in cameras. This open-air museum has everything from art paintings to beautifully carved sculptures. It just wants you to have a brief look… So guys! When are you planning to go to this amazing museum?

San Telmo and the National Historical Museum

If you are visiting Buenos Aires, please visit the colorful San Telmo district. Styled with narrow cobblestoned streets and old colonial buildings, San Telmo is full of locally popular cafés, tango parlors, and boutique shops. 

Know about the history of Argentina!! The National Historical Museum in the district of San Telmo has galleries lit with more than 50,000 artifacts, most important is the collection of paintings by Cándido López, who was a forerunner of contemporary primitive painting. 

The Metropolitan Cathedral 

Hey guys! Let’s have a look at the magnificent Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral. This Neoclassical facade is way too beautiful to see in its entirety. Trace back to the early 16th century, the Cathedral is one of the first churches that the Spanish had begun to construct in Argentina. 

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