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All of us once thought of having our own business. These days, it’s turning into reality. People are tired of 9-5 jobs. Most of them are investing in small start-ups or prefer freelancing over traditional jobs. If you have also made your to kick-off a small business, we congratulate you! It’s small steps that complete long journeys. Well, it’s quite difficult for star-ups to grab the attention of potential customers as the market is already full of competition. Branding can help you stand tall among your competitors. The more different and unique you are; the more customers you will cater to. 

Top Packaging Ideas for Your Start-up 

It’s not about what’s being sold, it’s about how it’s sold. The presentation of your product plays a vital role in inspiring the customers. In this article, we will learn some packaging ideas that can help your business in branding. 

Plain Treat Bags

Most of the times packaging depend upon the nature of business. If you selling treats like chocolates and other gift items, you can use plain treat bags for packaging. They are usually transparent, emitting glimpses of the gift that looks exciting. 

It might fail to meet the vision of your brand. Don’t worry! You can add simple tags printed with your logo to complete the branding. Using a clothing pin to attach them will add more grace. Wholly, it will look nice, decent, and attractive. 

Canvas Bags

If the nature of your business does not allow you to use plain treat bags, try canvas bags. It can be the best alternative with more space and slight privacy. It looks stylish and keeps the edible products fresh (if that’s what you’re selling). 

Branding can be done very easily on these bags. You can stamp the logo of your brand onto the bag with a custom stamp. These bags can also go under-screen printing if you are looking for more customization. Moreover, the best of this bag is that customers can reuse it; wherever they will use it, your branding will go along. 

Eco-friendly Packaging 

Regardless of what you are selling, it is better to pack it in eco-friendly packaging. People are never serious about mother nature and as climate change is affecting the globe, they will prefer protecting it commercially as well. If a product is being sold by two companies, the first one having eco-friendly packaging and the second one with traditional; people will flock to the first company. 

It’s psychology! People will attract to what’s good for the earth. You can get the packaging printed with your logo and tagline for a perfect branding.  Add some quotes related to earth to tag along with marketing. 


If selling semi-liquid items like cosmetics or pet food, there is nothing better than a pouch. They are safe, leak-proof, and available in different sizes according to the need of your business. 

For branding, these pouches can get printed directly. Try to keep it decent and let your logo speak. Doodle art and line drawings can look cute on these pouches keeping the nature of your business in mind. However you customize them, make sure to keep the unusual dimensions of the pouch in your mind, it will help the design look better. 

These were the four top packaging ideas for your start-up. We hope you found them insightful. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.