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The best dash cameras are that they only need to preview and record video in the event of a collision (and yes, they do make it cheaper and easier models), but some are smarter.

Some, like driver support systems, warn you if you leave the road by mistake or do not realize that the car has started. Some of the cameras on the board also call for emergency services and give you the exact GPS location in case of an emergency and if you do not respond. Others can connect to the second camera to record both front and rear windows (see our separate guide for the best front and rear cameras if you need one).

As picture quality continues to improve, the scratch cam market is growing rapidly – an ever-increasing number of models can record 4K videos and provide audio control.


The thin F800 is probably the dash cam we’ve been using for a long time – because the profile is so low, forget about it (that’s what these devices require).

The F800 is attached to the windshield of your car with 3M tape. There is no screen, so you can hide behind a rear view mirror. We think this is the best place for you.

The F800 has GPS tracking, lifetime radar and speed alerts, as well as security alerts for future collisions and exit routes. These displays for Dash cameras are somewhat useful, but they do not work without a screen.

The HD video quality is good and the night mode (now in the second generation) is amazing (surprisingly sharp and almost no noise). Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect to your smartphone, even if there are some connection issues and they seem very old.

Time limit for registering your parked car for 48 hours. This is especially true if you are worried about losing your car overnight.

For this last action, the camera must be connected to the car. You think you want to do this with a screw. Opening a 12V connection is not too difficult, and is a very safe option.

The cool feature of the F800 Pro is the new cloud service. This includes being able to report when your vehicle leaves a geo-fenced area or when your vehicle collides. You can also use it to search when your car is parked.

These can be very useful features, but we are not the only ones who find it very difficult to do them and when we read other reviews online.

If you are wishing to restricted F800 Pro design but want better video quality, you have to see our Q800 Pro review in 4K quality.


The Mio MiVue J60 is an excellent small device with a compact body that packs in many technologies.

The smooth design is very important here, as this camera and the small stand allow it to be carefully placed behind the rear view mirror. The MV J60 is small in size but has an angle to view clear 1080p photos at 30fps at 150 degrees per second.

It also has a special night mode that ensures that license plates and small details are kept in most lighting conditions.

best gps with dash cam does not simply record video. It also has WiFi to play videos and update camera settings via the smartphone app. There is also a GPS that tracks the location and speed of your vehicle.

 This one with many safety features, including an advanced driver support system, a roadside warning system, a future collision warning system and a fatigue alert system (although you know what we think).

When it is on (which can be turned off by the app), the on-board camera will be heard if you release traffic signals or exceed the speed limit.

The device also contains quick camera information and free data updates for the device, so drivers avoid any scary speeds.

Nextbase 622GW

Next base 522GW is a big brother and is a great choice if you want a 4K dashboard camera without connecting the dashboard to your car. Improved video quality – and an additional 3Words support bonus – and a small overall system that allows first res ponders to give you the right place in just three words . You can easily view all your clips in a good one way that sees this smartphone to the good over the WiFi network – – Download the clips you wish to have a good one.

Thinkware Q800 Pro

If you are lin search of the  that can do almost anything other than 4K, the Think ware Q800 Pro is for you. Camera Camera Camera Camera The camera is having a res of 1440 pins in advanced night vision and also has various security features. These include speed cameras, lane departure and collision warning systems, as well as a system that notifies you when the vehicle that is moving and protects you from annoying noises from the driver behind you.

Large dynamic range and self-exposure images ensure sharpness in bright or dim lighting conditions. Everything is photographed with a 140 ° lens. A second rear panel camera is also available as an option. And when you connect the new car (and provide it with a constant power supply from the battery) Smart parking mode is available to record parking accidents.

This one has no display and is more accurate than most dashboard cameras. It fits snugly into the rear view mirror or under the rear mirror. The camera is designed as a good option and sticks to the screen. It works best when called. Therefore, there is no quick way to switch between multiple vehicles.


The Garmin 55 is the most compact and beautiful compact camera on most cameras on the market. Provides good video quality, volume control and practical driver auxiliary functions. Due to its small size and unobtrusive design, we feel comfortable if we leave the camera permanently attached to our car.

It’s a little bigger than the others on this list, but that means you can get a great camera at a great price.

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