Best 9 Essential Tools & Tips All Photoshop Beginners Should Learn

Photoshop is usually the first application you need to try your hand on when you are new to designing. Therefore, provided below are some useful tools and tips that could come in handy when starting off with Photoshop, thus making it a lot easier.

1. Remember shortcuts for quicker actions.

There are some shortcut keys to be used when we want to take some actions on the Photoshop application or some other applications too. These are usually seen as commonplace and people expect the designers to know all of these. However, it could be the case that the designers may not remember these lots of the times. This could lead to increased work for actions that could be done using keyboard shortcuts. The Alliance Recruitment Agency is best it recruitment Dubai who can memorize these shortcuts and the designers should focus on memorizing the shortcuts to keys that they may need the most,

 2. Keep all your things in perfect order for better productivity.

This is an established fact that productivity is clearly related to the orderliness and organization of the space you work in and your work load. Therefore, the same goes for the designer who has started off with Photoshop. When you organize your work on the application, it becomes easier to access it and quicker too. This can be done by clicking on the Window option and then choosing the option Arrange. This might provide you with options that would simplify arrangement of your documents on Photoshop.

 3. Adjust the layers for quicker and easier alterations to the color.

You can easily adjust the colors and lighting of your design by easy actions once you know how to. The suitable option for the designers who have just started using the Photoshop application is to use Adjustment Layers for easier color changes. The organizations would want to hire a Photoshop designer who is able to alter the visual facets of their design in a quicker and better way. This tool allows you the option of saving the initial photograph along with the adjusted design so that the designer has complete access to both.

  1. Time conservation should be the first priority.

When the designers are running out of time, it might prove to be a roadblock to their creativity too and this is because when the deadlines near, it might lead to the designers panicking and not putting in their best efforts due to the pressure. Therefore, there is a solution to this in Photoshop itself. It constitutes the use of the Presets that are present in the application itself. These are useful for different shapes and patterns.

 5. Try to learn everything regarding the print and digital designs.

While the process for designing and the final design might occupy the foremost priority on your mind, it is also equally important to think about the printing of the designs that you created beforehand. This means that you should focus on the printing guidelines and ensure that you save your designs in all available formats so that you do lose the design over the format not being compatible to printing standards. There are some design rules that you should be aware of like the usage of bright colors like neon might result in the design not turning out well in print. There is a need to hire a Photoshop designer who can think of the print quality too.

6. The format should be thought of beforehand.

When you complete a design, do not get excited and save it in a format and close it within seconds. This could lead to major problems afterwards. The designers should think about the format that should be perfect or suitable for their design, keeping in mind different factors. Try to save the designs in different formats so that you can turn to a different format if one does not work out.

7.  The save option should be used in the initial stages itself.

Many designers are confused between the options save and save as. They might not know which option to choose for saving their document. People want to hire a Photoshop designer who knows the basics to the design element so that they can proceed to the complex facets. There should be some factors that to be thought beforehand. The designer needs to consider the use of the file, the place to save it, and the format. The document should be saved in the initial stages to avoid losing it.

8. Smart tools are available for smart editing.

There is an option on Photoshop that can be used for masking layers known as Layer Masks. These come in handy for the beginners and prove to be a worthy addition to their skill set. When companies are looking to hire a Photoshop designer, these smart tools make a difference. The layer mask can be seen when you go to the layers option and then selecting the layer mask. It can be in black or white to showcase or hide chunks of the design.

9. Explore and determine the tools you can work with.

Every Photoshop designer has their favorite set of tools on Photoshop that they choose to work with. This means that there are some tools that the designers think are easy to work with and choose them over some other alternatives. These tools can only be determined when the designers, when starting off, decide to go through and experiment using all the tools available to choose the suitable ones. Apart from this, it also gives them an upper hand as they learn about all tools and when designing, instantly know which tool to use for a particular action.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.