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It may not be possible for a company to have expertise regarding every new trend of recruitment introduced in the market. This is the reason there exist companies dedicated to the sole purpose of recruitment called recruiting agencies. Therefore, taking the help of professionals from the recruitment agencies will be a wise decision. To know more about these and the latest trends, go through the article,andfind out here now for best global recruiting agenciesthat will help you with recruitment.

 Recruitment Trend No. 1: Recruitment Marketing

Definition & Benefits

It is based on implementing the tactics used in marketing in case of recruitment. Under this process, the company nurtures and attracts potential candidates to their organizations using marketing methods and techniques.

This introduction is due to the current situation of the labour market. The main goal of recruitment marketing is to follow the latest recruitment trend and help companies adapt to new recruitment practices.

Recruitment Trend No. 2: Inbound Recruiting

Definition & Benefits

This continuously attracts potential candidates and influences them to choose your company. The main goal of inbound recruitment is to draw, convert and engage candidates.

There is a shift in the recruitment market from outbound to inbound recruitment. Now, the candidates are not attracted if you reach out to them and offer an open position. To get a long term solution related to hiring, one should follow this trend.

Recruitment Trend No. 3: Employer Branding

Definition & Benefits

It is about the organization’s reputation, the employee value proposition of the company, and the value proposition to customers. The Employer branding strategies are essential to building a strong brand presence.

Nowadays, job seekers are highly concerned with the company’s reputation and brand value before applying for the job. Companies are having lousy reputation struggles at attracting and retaining employees.

Recruitment Trend No. 4: Candidate experience

Definition & Benefits

It is a concern with the overall experience of the candidates about the recruitment process. It is based on the feelings, behavior, attitude of a candidate and what he or she experiences in the whole recruitment process.

A positive candidate experience will influence them to accept the job offer and refer your company to others. But, a negative candidate experience can cost you a few good candidates and influence a company’s reputation.

● Recruitment Trend No. 5: Talent Pool

Definition & Benefits

The talent pool is a place or system where companies store data of their top job candidates. It contains data of potential candidates and segregates them into categories like sourced, referred, silver & gold medallist candidates, etc. 

This pooling strategy helps recruiters filter out the best candidates for the recruitment drive. This is the reason companies build a high-quality candidate database for current and future needs. You can find out here now for best global recruiting agencies and their pool building techniques.

Recruitment Trend No. 6: Social Recruitment

Definition & Benefits

This is about using social media channels for recruitment. The companies use platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter to search, attract & recruit candidates.

Social media can be a suitable platform to hire, build a relationship and encourage the potential candidate to apply for your company.

● Recruitment Trend No. 7: Remote Hiring

Definition & Benefits

With an ongoing pandemic for more than a year, work from home has now become the new normal. The companies got used to this model, but some decided to incorporate it permanently as their business model.

Remote working introduced better work-life balance and provided the employees to organize them in a better way. Companies are also benefited by downsizing their office space and, more importantly, hire the best candidate irrespective of geographical obstacles.

● Recruitment Trend No. 8: Employee referrals

Definition & Benefits

In this recruitment process, the company’s existing employees refer to their known person, which they think is best suited for the company and benefits the company.

It has been observed that referrals are the most productive way of hiring a candidate, and they take the shortest time to recruit and come onboard with less money being spent.

●  Recruitment Trend No. 9: Collaborative Hiring

Definition & Benefits

It is a process in which the HR department finds and hires talents along with other departments working with them. This ensures the quality of the new hirings and ensures efficiency.

The main benefit is that turnover rates drop, which positively impacts the recruitment and hiring strategy.


The above mentioned trends are some of the most followed trends by companies of various industries. As mentioned earlier, complete knowledge of these is not within your grasp, so you need to find out here now for best global recruiting agencies who have an idea about these trends.

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