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11+ Useful Components You Get in J-Std-001H Kit When You Buy Online

11+ Useful Components You Get in J-Std-001H Kit When You Buy Online

Certification of uncertified technicians is extremely imperative these days for a successful PCB assembly. No brand or entity wants its product to be manufactured by untrained professionals. This causes a lot of trouble in maintaining the brand reputation in the market and earn customer’s trust. To be frank, the return and rework of defective products is something that everyone wants to get rid of, be it manufacturer or client. And this is where solder training centres come into the picture. They train your employees in hand soldering using a J-Std-001H kit. 

This kit consists of a number of items required to perfectly assemble printed circuit boards. It can be used by new and old technicians both for different purposes. The former can use the J-Std-001H kit to get certified in hand soldering while the latter can use it to get re-certified in the same. Since this training kit has two PCB boards, one can be used as a practice board and the other as a final board for learning soldering techniques. What’s more, if two seasoned solder assemblers want to get re-certified, both can use each PCB board for their purpose. 

What are the components you get in the kit?

The J-Std-001H kit includes a large number of components that are listed below:

  • (2) IPC J-STD-001 Rev. F Board
  • (4) ¼-Watt Resistor
  • (4) 0402 Resistors
  • (4) 0805 Resistors
  • (4) 1206 Resistors
  • (4) CK06 Capacitor
  • (4) CK06 Standoffs
  • (4) Transistor Standoffs
  • (4) DO-35 Diode
  • (4) T0 5 Transistor
  • (4) 1206 Capacitors
  • (4) 1206 Melf
  • (4) Turret Terminal
  • (4) Pierced Terminal
  • (4) Hook Terminal
  • (4) Bifurcated Terminal
  • (4) DIP-16
  • (2) PLCC-20
  • (2) SOIC-14
  • (1) 22 AWG 12in Wire
  • (1) 20 AWG 12in Wire
  • (4) LQFP-100
  • (4) Solder Cup
  • (4) D-PAK

This solder training kit is universally recognized for containing the required materials to train new and experienced technicians. Not just that, the components included in this kit are enough to create electrical and electronic assemblies as well. Last but not least, this kit is fully based on the standards of the J-Std-001 certification program i.e., PCB Assembly Standard. 

What are the benefits of J-Std-001 certification?

The J-Std-001 certification program is the most effective assembly standard for printed circuit boards. It can be pursued by both instructors and technicians. Once they have completed the course, they will be able to reflect the acquired knowledge about PCB assembly. 

In this course, the learners are explained about the acceptance criteria discussions and also the instructions related to “how to solder”. As an added advantage, they will also be taught the ways their hand-soldering skills will be verified. 

Some of the additional benefits the candidates will get:

  • Once an instructor or technician gets certified, they will get professional recognition of the skills they have learned. 
  • They don’t need to go to any manufacturing unit frequently as their training will be completely formal and education-based. 
  • They will get well-versed with the identification and evaluation skills of soldering.
  • They will come to know about the latest evolving technologies in the world and also the challenges they might face in the future.
  • They will nicely learn how to perform to the defined standards in the certification program and the level of competency they need to have for the same. 
  • The certificate they will get on successful course completion will validate that the candidate has satisfied the required technical performance requirements. 
  • The given training will improve their overall productivity and credibility at the workplace to a great extent. 
  • The candidates once certified will be able to fix issues faster and work better in a team. 
  • They will be preferred by hiring companies for availing high standards of services.

What else you must know about solder training centres is that they are committed to high-level service to companies or individuals. That means, they let you decide whether you want to get trained at their facility or yours. If you choose their training centres to conduct training, it’s well and good. Else you can also opt for their Mobile Training Centre services that will save your time and cost for traveling to a remote location. 

Last thoughts  

Although the facilities to get your employees trained in PCB assembly is increased, it’s you who need to take the plunge about what you want. Keeping hemming and hawing will just delay the quality production in your company and upset your clients. Get in touch with the soldering training companies and ask whether they will provide solder training kits or you need to purchase separately.

Once you got the answer, just make sure to get it available and then kick off the solder training journey. You will soon be able to meet the project requirements of clients that will further strengthen your professional relationship with them. 

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