Artificial Intelligence

Paid advertising will change significantly in the future. Do people or digital advertising agencies like us then have any role to play? Will your AlphaGo Zero have its own advertising platforms in the future?

Artificial intelligence – its benefits and potential – has been talked about for many years, but it is only in the last year that it has reached such a level that it can be harnessed as the Kalevala’s mare to make riches.

That opportunity to make a difference is crucial in taking the development of artificial intelligence forward, and Google, for example, is consciously investing in its development work, as it facilitates e.g. Further implementation / use of AdWords.

How will advertising change with artificial intelligence?

Without delving into the details of what those changes are, what the reign of artificial intelligence brings with it, because no one has accurate information about the changes.

In principle, advertising is made easier for all advertisers. Advertising platforms like Facebook and Google themselves are now time consuming as well as challenging if they are to make sales. Understanding all the technical aspects of these channels requires dedication. In addition, the continuous development of advertising takes time. Artificial intelligence brings relief to this dilemma. It provides an easier basis for getting started and maintaining advertising. Power then shifts more strongly away from humans and more to the connections between the transistors.

What role will people and offices play in the reign of artificial intelligence?

Developed by Google, AlphaGo Zero AI trained itself to become a master of the board game Go in 40 days, defeating the world’s best human players and all previous AIs. Let me add that in that board game it is possible to make more moves than there are atoms in the universe. AlphaGo Zero represents the latest generation of artificial intelligence, where it can learn and develop on its own. In this case, it was not given any prior information about the game other than the rules. It was only allowed to play against itself and in the first 3 days it played 4.9 million games.

In the future, when artificial intelligence like AlphaGo Zero is responsible for advertising, advertising will certainly be more efficient, better and easier. If we think about the role of people in this figure, then it might seem that we no longer have any office. However, that is a misconception, because the role of people is even more important in the age of artificial intelligence than it is now. The biggest factor influencing this will be the competitive situation. Assuming everyone uses the same ad platform, everyone has the same artificial intelligence, then the solution to this cannot be just who is willing to pay the most. Then the cooperation between man and artificial intelligence is emphasized. Consider that your pool would now be the best production car in the world, it will only move as well as you can drive it.

Directing artificial intelligence in the right direction is what the greatest focus is on. AlphaGo Zero was initially told the rules of the game and in the future the same will be the role of the professionals, i.e. ours. We are made up of rule developers, narrators, artificial intelligence coaches.

While artificial intelligence can infer a lot of things on its own and make decisions independently, it still needs to be steered in the right direction. Artificial intelligence each operates within certain frames and bases its data heavily on collected data. Ideation, dreaming, thinking and creativity, which the human mind holds, is where artificial intelligence must be able to help.

The impact of artificial intelligence on advertising platforms is clear and straightforward. Secondary, what it changes and what importance it emphasizes are websites and content. Their importance is further emphasized, you should start investing in them now, because you can only make a profit with the help of a website as well as how well a website sells. The intensifying competitive situation emphasizes the importance of website design and functionality, as well as diamond content. Conversion optimization will play a big role in testing website conversions in the future. Website design involves purposefulness and building them properly for advertising.

Is artificial intelligence a threat or an opportunity for me – an individual?

Am I afraid for my job if AdWords AI develops awareness and starts making more sales for everyone than anyone could have ever imagined? Personally, I see artificial intelligence more as an opportunity than a threat, because the creator of advertising only must make movements from the bottom of the data that is available.

Testing is the only real way to find out if something is working or not. This requires time and understanding. This is the answer to artificial intelligence. Extremely fast processing of small details is something where machines shine compared to humans. The ability to process large amounts of data is often a factor that takes time away from people. Especially in the rapidly changing segment of advertising, data volume processing is what I personally expect greatly. All the information already exists, but we are not yet able to deal with it all, nor are we able to exploit it to its full potential. I could write 2,000 words just about the various benefits and possibilities of artificial intelligence in things like weather forecasting and astronomy, but few want to hear about it.


The future of advertising is changing a lot. That’s how and when are the biggest questions, but now if you’re ever in the tongue of change.

What is certain is that advertising will become easier and simpler for those unfamiliar with it. This increases competition many times over. Digital advertising companies will be primarily more experts who need an insight into advertising that artificial intelligence cannot provide.

Websites and content will play a very strong role in the effective development of advertising. In those where a diamond is needed.

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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.