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2021 is a great time to have a creative bone in the body. After all, so many devices around us help elevate our ideas and designs to a whole new level. iOS devices, especially, are known for facilitating creative thoughts.

All you need is a pen and the right set of apps, and voila, nothing is stopping you from creating art that speaks!

Among the variety of drawing apps available, here are the ones that truly enhance the quality of any designing project.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw is available for both iOS and Android users. And the best part is that it is free for all to use! While you may need a creative cloud account to use its services, you can also opt for a free version. Here, you will be given access to royalty-free images.

Illustrator Draw allows users to test and use various brushes, save their preferred shapes and colors for easy access and use perspective grids to create perfect drawings. Additionally, the app can be integrated with other Adobe design products like Photoshop.

 This means you can see through a project, from start to finish, all within the world of Adobe. Whether you are developing visuals for a sandbox game like those available in airG scam free apps or working on an artwork to be placed on hoardings, Illustrator Draw, along with your Apple pencil, will do it all.


This app is a creation of Apple itself. And sadly, it is not free and comes at the cost of $10 for download. However, considering the features offered for the price, we would say that the investment is worth it for professional designers.

Procreate is a digital illustration app ideal for digital artists as well as beginners. The app lets you customize all gesture controls according to your liking. Hence, you can alter the design features to suit your level of expertise.

Its features like blend mode, alpha locks, layering, clipping masks, and Quickshape make any art look much better than before. Even if you are a seasoned illustrator, you are likely to appreciate the intricate things the app allows you to get right.

Autodesk sketchbook

For those of you who find Procreate a little too intimidating to begin your creative journey with, there is a simpler (and free) option for you to explore – Autodesk Sketchbook. Whether you create basic sketches for a game or develop a website design, this app will surely come in handy.

When you download the app, you will be given a short demo about using it and where all the tools are situated. One aspect that you are likely to appreciate is the extensive library the app has of brushes! You can even customize them by altering their opacity, brush size, and pressure.

Also, if you are an old school who prefers sketching your ideas out on paper before you attempt it on the screen, this app has surely got your back. This is because you can import your paper sketch to the app via your camera.

Your sketch then acts as a transparent background that you can use to easily transfer your idea from the paper onto the screen.

Linea Sketch

For those looking for a drawing app suitable for children, you might want to give Linea Sketch a try. The good thing about Linea Sketch is that it is just as usable for adults as for kids!

The app is available for free. However, it comes with an in-app subscription that allows you to eliminate ads.

When it comes to interface, Linea Sketch has to be among the best on this list. This is because its interface includes minimal clutter, thereby making the app easy to use.

The same goes for its various features as well. It has an excellent collection of color palettes. At the same time, it helps you to create your own colors as well. There are also a variety of pencils and brushes to choose from.

For instance, the classic pencil is ideal for creating thick and soft lines, while a technical pencil is available for creating thin and hard lines. Similarly, you can also alter the tip of the marker according to your needs. This customization makes it a great drawing tool for all.

Astropad Standard

If you are a seasoned designer, the chances are that you already know about Astropad Standard. This is because this is quite a popular and old drawing app available for iPad users. It has, however, withstood the test of times!

This app helps in converting an iPad into a Wacom device. You can connect your Mac to a drawing app and use your iPad as a drawing device for it. Apart from apple pencil, the app supports various other stylus devices as well.

However, note that it is not a drawing app on its own. You need a Mac as well as a drawing app on your Mac to use this app. What it does is simply convert your iPad into a device that can work with your Mac. Rather than spending money on a Wacom device, merely download this app for a cheaper deal.

Ending Remarks

Decide which of these five apps ticks the right boxes for you. Proceed by downloading it and then go ahead and use your iPad for your drawing adventures! If any other apps have helped you in your projects, let us know!

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