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Android Development Trends for an Elevated Experience in 2023

We are surrounded by applications. From our smart watches to our tablets, everything is loaded with multiple apps and we access those apps for an improved user experience. Latest android development trends have come a long way and the future looks bright as new technologies are released frequently. If you want to build an app for your business, it is important to keep up with the latest trends so that you are able to create a successful one. We can assure you that digital marketing is done right when you come up with an app for your business. Many other aspects of your business depend upon how your application is able to keep up with the ever-changing trends of android development. These include your profit, brand image, ROI, etc. 

This article will highlight all the major technologies based on an android operating system that are trending and most likely to undergo major development in the coming years. These technologies portray why android development is proving promising for many businesses and software agencies.

Here is a list of some android development trends that you would definitely want to keep a lookout for in 2023:

Internet of Things (IoT):

Internet of Things or IoT is a network of physical objects, called ‘’things’’. These things are planted with sensors, software and other technology so that data can be exchanged with other devices over the internet. You may be wondering what the purpose of IoT is considering android development; we have the answer. Since android smartphone technology is becoming better and better every day, more devices are relying on the android operating system. So, the scope of android development in the coming years looks pretty promising as it is getting more involved with the network of IoT. 

Instant Apps:

Instant apps let users access the data of an app without installing it. Such apps work in a way that whenever a user clicks on a URL, they are directed to a specific section of the app. For instance, if you are interested in buying a car and want to know the price range and other information, naturally you won’t have the app installed on your phone from beforehand since you don’t buy cars that often. In this case, you can simply search on Google and get access to the instant app link where you can get information on that car’s price range and that too without installing the app.

Instant apps are only available for android at the moment and are growing at a faster pace. This technology saves user’s time as well as the memory on their phone and is an exclusive approach when it comes to android development technology.


The uses of AI in android app development are best represented by chatbots. Chatbots are software that simulate human conversations. If you have ever opened the chat option in any e-commerce app or website, you must have noticed that some messages reflect instantly. Then you are asked to select a given option but if your query is not included in those given options, you are assigned a ‘’human’’ executive. When you are interacting with automatic computerized messages, that software is a chatbot.

The chatbot technology is growing swiftly and it seems like it’s here to stay for long. Chatbots are developing in such a way as to replicate human-like interactions. On the platform of Facebook and Messenger, frequent developments are taking place to make chatbots user-friendly and easy to access. Businesses can use the chatbot technology to provide faster services to customers while reducing the need to provide human customer service.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is a method of storing data in such a way that it’s impossible to change, manipulate or hack the system. Any change that needs to be made is duplicated across the entire network of computers that are part of it. Bitcoin heavily relies on blockchain technology to keep data safe and secure.

Many businesses have invested in blockchain technology and the future sure looks bright. More and more android apps are using decentralized currencies and the number is going up every day, opening a whole new avenue of android app development.

Android Powered Wearable Devices:

There are so many android powered devices around us that it seems like soon we will lose count. Android app developers are mass producing apps of different sizes and shapes, suitable for a varied range of devices. These devices include watches, smart glasses, home appliances, cars, mirrors, etc. It is uncanny to think that all these devices are android powered but so many devices are based on android technology and the number keeps on growing.

Beacon Technology:

Beacon Technology has slowly started to grab the attention of many. It helps businesses to target potential clients easily and quickly. Here is how it works: Beacons transmit signals and get connected to mobile devices in a particular range. So, whenever a person is within the range of a nearby hotel, store, etc., they get notifications about that place.

Beacon technology has proved beneficial to many companies by streamlining their marketing strategies. They can now interact with a potential client by expecting an immediate call to action by them. Businesses that hire android developers utilize this technology. Many e-commerce stores, hotels, beauty businesses have benefited with this technology and it gives every type of business a leverage to thrive and profit.


In today’s world of digital possibilities, every app needs to be compatible with a wide range of gadgets that we are surrounded with – be it a smart watch, home appliances, cars etc. Android development is rapidly changing and encompasses new things regularly. It becomes important to keep up with the developing trends that this industry is coming out with.

If you are looking to hire an android developer, they should be able to help you revolutionize your android technology. A well-versed android developer is always an asset to any company or business.

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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.