People with hair loss problems turn to hair transplants to get a permanent solution. However, they need to know the hair transplant cost so they can plan a budget. Hair transplant is costly compared to all other hair loss remedies. But when you assess the outcome, you’ll realize the cost is worth the value.

There are two main methods of hair transplant. Their costs have a slight difference; The difference is affected by a few factors. We will check the cost of FUE and FUT and the factors that affect the price.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

FUE hair transplant costs more than a FUT hair transplant. The charges range from $4 to $10 per graft. The average cost is usually $5 per graft. However, clients will get a transplant of about 1000 grafts per session. The grafts would go up to 4500 grafts per session. The donor area will also determine

The other factors that affect the cost of FUE hair transplant cost are the reputation of the clinic and the surgeon’s experience.

FUT Hair Transplant Cost

FUT hair transplant cost is slightly lower than FUT. You can get the transplant per graft as low as $2. One reason is that a micrograft could contain more than one follicle. Thus, when you divide the cost of transplant per graft, the price is lower. Also, the scalp is the only donor since you cannot extract a strip from the chest or legs. All the other factors remain constant.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Transplant

A few factors that affect the cost of hair transplants. They can make the price go up or drop. It’s upon a patient to assess the factors across town and select a clinic within their budget.

Level Of Baldness

Baldness has different levels. You should check with your clinic to assess your level of baldness. The level of baldness determines the progress or stalling of hair loss. The late stages are better since you know the hair will not proceed with shedding.

Number of Grafts Needed

Hair transplant cost is calculated by the number of grafts needed. The doctor assesses the number of grafts needed by the size of the baldness and the degree of hair thinning.

You can also require more grafts if you desire to have a high density in the affected area. Also, the available hairs at the recipient site will reduce the need for many grafts. Also, the characteristics of the donor’s hair determine the number of grafts to be harvested. Thich hair will only require a few grafts to cover a small area. But fine hairs will require more grafts to cover a small area.

Sessions Required

In most cases, you will need one session to get desired results. The hair transplant success rate is usually 80% and above. The doctor adds 20% of the grafts required to cover the loss.

There are a few cases that would need more than one session. You can have a very large

Location and Reputation of Clinic

The cost of living differs with location. Thus, the businesses run to match the cost of living. Hair transplant clinics are businesses that need to pay taxes and lease. Expensive towns have higher lease rates, even when taxes are uniform across the board. Thus when you select a clinic in the uptown, you will pay more than when you choose a clinic on the expensive side of town.

Some clients would travel to lower-income towns to lower the hair transplant cost. You’ll find that the rates are lower eleven when you add transport cost.

The reputation and class of the clinic play another role in the hair transplant cost. Clinics are graded depending on their target clients. Celebrity class clinics will charge higher even when the services are similar to a lower class clinic. However, they try to keep the services perfect for protecting the name and the brand.

Availability of Donor Grafts

Some people have fewer follicles on the scalp. In such cases, they will need to sacrifice hair from different parts of the body. The other parts are more sensitive and need a unique technique to harvest. Thus, the doctor will charge higher for the process.

The reason above is just one that drives the doctor to extract from other parts of the body. A patient may prefer to retain the hairs on the scalp and sacrifice unwanted hair from the chest.

Qualification and Experience of a Surgeon

Hair surgeons have different levels of training. The higher the training, the more expensive they charge. Another reason that could make them charge higher is their experience. An experienced surgeon is most preferred since they have hands-on skills. Thus, they charge higher so that other upcoming surgeons can get the chance to serve clients on a low budget.


Hair transplant cost isn’t constant- It varies due to the factors mentioned above. You can estimate the hair transplant budget if you understand the factors. You can even decide to check the services in a different town to get a better deal.

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