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Mini Tractors in India – Need, Advantages & Popular models

Mini Tractors in India – Need, Advantages & Popular models

Mini Tractors today are increasingly finding their relevance in agriculture, especially when executing various inter-cultural activities. Therefore, it makes absolute sense for farmers to stay updated with the best mini tractor models available in the market to achieve better results and performance.

This post will help us learn how to define a mini tractor, the need for mini tractors, their uses, advantages and some of the popular mini tractor models in India.

Definition of a Mini Tractor

Mini tractors in India are defined as tractors with an engine power of less than 30 HP and a width of less than 1.2 metres.

Key Features of Mini Tractors

Although they are small in size, mini tractors come equipped with all the qualities of a bigger, regular tractor.. They are equipped with large fuel tanks to enable farmers to work for long hours in the field, provide outstanding efficiency, performance, excellent hydraulic lifting capacity, and contain a host of other power-packed features.

Uses of Mini Tractors

Mini Tractors are also known as Garden, Orchard, Compact or Chota tractors. They are mainly used in gardens and for horticulture farming.

Need for Mini Tractors

Several reasons necessitate the use of Mini tractors in the agricultural sector in India. Some of these reasons include:

Land Fragmentation

With the division of their families, the land available to farmers is decreasing in size every day. As such, farmers with small landholdings cannot afford the cost of bigger tractors.

Inter Cultivation Follow Up

The inter cultivation follow up process for some specific harvests such as cotton and groundnut is basic. No other lighter or conservative choice is available for executing these operations.

Alternative to Bullocks/Farm Animals

Traditionally, bullocks and other farm animals were being used for the inter-development tasks and cultivation in agriculture. Mini Tractors present a practical and better performing option for replacing these traditional methods.

Fixed Costs/Expenses

Bullocks and other farm animals, how much ever inactive they may be, need to be taken care of consistently, resulting in additional burden and fixed operating costs. It is not the case with mini tractors. If not utilized, these tractors can be leased or rented for extra income to other farmers.

Modern Day Farming

Mini Tractors present an attractive option for the new generation of young and energetic farmers, who want to integrate innovative and advanced technology in horticulture and cultivation at reasonable costs.

Advantages of Using Mini Tractors

The needs highlighted above provide a sneak preview of the advantages offered by mini tractors. However, apart from the above, mini tractors offer several other benefits, some of which are listed below:

Compact Size

Mini tractors are compact in size, making them suitable for harvesting a majority of crops such as cotton, lentils/beats, castor, grapes, pomegranate, groundnut, sugar sticks, etc. 

Short Turning Radius

Due to their reduced size and design, mini tractors have a short turning radius. It permits the tractor to effortlessly explore around various deterrents without causing any harm to the farm yield.

Light Weight

Mini tractors are light in weight. It makes them easy to operate, control, and extremely valuable in handling sandy soil conditions, where the preservation of soil is of utmost importance.

Popular Mini Tractor Models in India

Although many manufacturers produce various mini tractors in India, some of the popular mini tractor models in the market include Kubota Tractor B2420 Eicher Tractor 188, Swaraj Tractor 724 XM Orchard, Mahindra Jivo 245 and Sonalika Tractor GT 26 Rx to name a few.

Mini Tractor Price in India

The price of mini tractors in India ranges between Rs. 3.50 – Rs. 7.90 lakhs*, depending on the brand, model and variant chosen.


Mini tractors provide a great package deal for farmers in India, looking for modern and technologically advanced features in a tractor at a reasonable cost. We hope this post helped you learn more about mini tractors, their uses, advantages and price in India. For more such posts and articles, stay tuned with us.

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